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Oops. Been Gone All Week

I disappeared into insatiable laziness and depression. I think the improved weather is helping me get back on track. Maybe I should open a window. All week, I felt sore and tired (I had a 4 hour nap yesterday and still zonked right out at bedtime). I'm suffering "tennis elbow" again, which is only improved by a couple of ibuprofen tablets. I ate my first ultra-healthy meal in weeks. That also helped lift my spirits. Followed by two pieces of dark chocolate, and an ice cream run to celebrate the warm weather. The healthy meal stuck with me, though. Next month should be easier. I've only been back on my meds for a week and a half, so hopefully the crazy cravings and mood swings will subside soon.

I've added a small number of things to my START/FINISH list (from two posts ago). I've decided to take it week by week, picking only a few items to scribble in the notes section of my calendar. But I have to diligently do it every week, and at least start the projects.

This week, I've got 1) write to pen-pals (3 of them). 2) Transfer loose notes to their proper place. 3) Clean the living room. 4) Hoover the living room and stairs. 5) Work on my sketchbook project.

Throw into the mix hanging out with Meagan and maybe Brian (Brian was supposed to be released yesterday, but I don't know what happened - he's now saying he'll be released Thursday morning), Paddy's parade, and a Sisters of Murphy show in the East End. Possibly helping some friends move tonight or tomorrow, as well. If they remember I offered. I don't want my tiredness be an excuse.

One letter down, one started... hoping to finish all three today.