Smilin' Strange (diello) wrote,
Smilin' Strange

Made a bit of art

I've been trying to force myself into being motivated. This drizzly weather has kept me stressed, depressed, and a mess (to keep with the flow of the rhyme). I've spent all my time trying to sleep without nightmares, and I'm often too exhausted to do anything but watch tv. But I'm trying.


First and foremost, I want to plug a little book I wrote/illustrated! It's a 10-page full-colour ashcan that shows you how to make a basic sushi roll (maki). It also covers supplies, condiments, and chopsticks. It's $5 (+1/2/3 shipping for US/CA/OTHER). You can get to the etsy listing by clicking on the image below.

Some fan art I've made:

Blood Candy (Marceline/Bubblegum, Adventure Time fan art) in watercolour

Reira (Trapnest lead singer, Nana fan art) in watercolour

Rose Quartz Universe (Steven Universe fan art) in copics

I also did some random sketches and warmup illustrations, but they're mostly kinda muddy, so I just threw them on a post on my tumblr
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