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Start & Finish - Update

Okay, so back in February, I posted this list of things I need to start and finish, and I've decided to re-order things and cross things off a bit.

I've put together small notes (about half the size of a post-it) depicting each step in each of these projects - between 5 and 9 steps per project. I'm going to take one project and clip each step to my work-board. When I complete the first step, I'll take it down and remove it. I hope it'll be a good system.

STARTING QUEUE (not in order)
Comic projects:
-Under the Sea
-I Married James Hook

"AAAhh!!! Real Monsters! monster manual
-Short stories
-Marshmallow ashcan

Fan Arts:
-Over the Garden Wall
-Sparks Nevada
-Gravity Falls
-Motel Monstre
-Devil's Carnival
-Another Period

-Josh's commission
-Draw Each Other submissions
-Memento Mori set
-Friend-Face submissions

-BBBB (probably won't get to this one)
-Frillies & Shinies (collaborative piece put on the backburner)
-Sunshine & Sweet Potato (collab - backburner)
Cast moulds Have done this, and it's awesome. Will be working with moulds again soon.
Build a kotatsu
Build a music stand
Build a new website
Redesign old website
Fan Art:
-Welcome to Night Vale
-Adventure Time
-Hey Arnold
-Kim Possible
-St. Trinian's

New purse design (including makecup & pen compartments)
Sew new skirts
Submit applications to conventions and festivals rejected twice.
Make new show-reels for Jeff (film, commercial, stage)
Submit "First Date" story to a magazine or a podcast
6x6 (and you should too!)
Art of Lost Things sculpture show
Nickelodeon storyboard

stain wood table
put together & stain new table
Short Stories:
-My Life in Mono
-Lady of Shallot
-Operation Save Point
-12:07 (storyboard)

Read Friends' books (Keegan, Eric, Meags, Brian)
Miskatonic Library project
Sketchbook Project (tm)
My sketchbook project
Transfer loose notes to where they belong