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Is This Finally The End of LiveJournal?

The new user agreement, noting that the servers have been moved to Russia, will disallow any political or LGBT+ chatter (the latter needing to be marked as 18+ for mature content), and needs to comply with Russian Federation laws, AND anyone with over 3k friends needs to register as a media outlet - I don't know how strict their filters will be with accounts with a low reader count, or if they count friend-locked entries at all, but that's enough for me to do another backup to DreamWidth - what upsets me most is that I just recently purchased another year here, and DreamWidth is all-around not as good as LJ, and I don't have nearly as many icons as I would here, even as a free user.

I doubt shit's gonna change that much around here for the little people, but this used to be a haven for personal issues, LGBT+ and otherwise - now this online diary is no longer a haven for spilling your more private secrets to trusted LJ friends, because the RF government is keeping their bigoted eyes on it (but please know, much like the people of the US, I don't hold the individual people of any country responsible for the way their government acts).

I'm not planning to leave until it's truly time to abandon ship. But I'll be cross-posting to my DW account more frequently from now on, as well as post more personal items that I assume would get flagged by an oppressive gov't that slaughters its gays.

Funny that it did this on 4 April - the day that starts the book 1984.