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Coffee Bastard

When we move to the new location, I'm getting a coffee maker for under my desk. Ideally, I'd like to be able to put it on my desk, but I don't think there will be a private spot for it, which means I'll have to watch my feet or get a little shelf for it. Regardless, I've reached my limit with trying to share my expensive coffee with the coworkers.

I stopped buying coffee at the coffee stand outside because I realized it was costing me $9 a week, and so I switched to a coffee maker in-office. A shitty little dingy and dirty thing under the break room table was my only hope. When I asked Sean if he could help me figure out how to work it, he said he had a better idea. He went into the office of a former co-worker and, since he's not coming back, took his much nicer coffee machine, and filters. We set it up in Sean's office, and I made a full pot (12 cups) of my luxury coffee for us to share every day for a week. He even allowed me to keep the door open when he wasn't in, so I could make coffee for myself, and sometimes my boss.

Today, though, I don't know why it bothered me so goddamn much, but he pulled a fast one on me and wasn't even remotely apologetic when I called him out on it.

I'm pulling a couple hours of overtime today, not to mention, I'm literally the only person on shift (in my department) on a fucking Monday... so I brought in some coffee just for us, because I knew he'd appreciate Death Wish coffee.

I came in to find no one here (unexpectedly!), and people waiting for help. So I signed in as fast as I could and hit the ground running. I didn't get the chance to go set up the coffee maker until 11:30, and Sean assured me he'd keep the door unlocked for me to get my coffee. Then everyone (in other departments but near the same area) had to go to a meeting, and Sean locked his goddamn door before I could get a cup of coffee, leaving me high and dry for an hour. He didn't even have any, and I brought it in just for him (and me). When I called him out on it, when I yelled, You Said! he just shrugged it off. I could fucking cry.

So that's it. I'm not making coffee here anymore.

In the long run, that's a wiser idea anyway. Getting it from the stand costs $9 a week. Sharing my artisanal coffee, at a full pot a day, would cost me $15 - $20 a week. Even if I charged a dollar for a cup, or asked for donations, it wouldn't make up the difference, not to mention, would make me feel like a dick.

I had such a wonderful weekend - Maybe my spirits were too high to handle that fast let-down. I'm at the pique of my PMS mood swings this week, and I am ready to go home and rage-cry.