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History Makers

Niki just got a brand new custom fit pair of skates, and she gave me her old ones (!!!gave them to me!!!) and they are, omg, so much better than the rentals!

This week's ice-skating adventure went really well. It was just me, Chalen (Cat) and Niki this time. Charles felt under the weather, so he decided being in the cold was a bad idea.

Chalen chilled out with me at the wall and gave me some pointers while Niki skated backwards in front of us. Aside from pointers, we mainly just chewed the fat about last night's party (which was a blast: cool folks + Cards Against Humanity).

I noticed Niki could just glide by making certain small movements, which I tried to mimic with a little bit of success, so I'm excited that I'm learning.

After falling once, I decided to get away from the wall a bit, and eventually gained the confidence to spend most of the afternoon in the middle of the rink with absolutely no walls in reach. That felt like murder on my feet from time to time, having no wall to hold so I could relax my feet without slipping. Toughens me up, though, right? Builds... character...?

Having time away from the wall was amazing, and I felt really good about my progress. Someday, I'll find my center and be able to balance and glide without fear.

We spent our center-rink time learning to spin - well... Niki learned to spin, but Chalen included me on the lecture/lesson. I even tried to mimic some of the moves. I likened it a bit to pole-dancing (and ballet, and ballroom). When a shy girl came up to Chalen asking for a quick lesson on spinning, Niki and I took a break and stretched our legs and relaxed our feet.

Then we went back to the center of the rink and I did small circles in place (not spins), watching Chalen and Niki do wide circles around me. I'm really mesmerized by Chalen (he used to compete). I've got a massive idol-crush.

At the end of the session, I asked Chalen where he recommends I get my skates sharpened. I was just gonna take them to Dick's Sporting Goods, which had he and Niki screaming. Apparently, that's a bad idea. So Niki offered to take them to where she gets hers sharpened, since it's right around the corner from where she works. I thought it was funny that I just got them and then gave them right back to her, hahaha! Hopefully I'll get them back soon. I also wanna try to squeeze in one more session before I head out to Toronto for TCAF.

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