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BoJack Heartbreak

I've been binge-watching BoJack Horseman on Netflix. The characters aren't hugely lovable, but they're all oddly relatable, despite them all being Hollywoo(d) stars. The show's not as much about their successes as it is their downfalls, and therein makes it relatable. And dark. It's so dark. All the worst and most upsetting things a relatively average person can do is done, from general bad decisions like fucking over a friend to sleeping with an ex's teenage daughter, to publicly getting an abortion and writing a horrible song about it, to dragging a sober friend into your drug bender...

The second-to-last episode of season 3 HAUNTS me, because BoJack asks his tv-daughter to go on a bender with him. She'd been clean and sober for 9 months, and they went on a ridiculously long bender where they drank and did all kinds of drugs and she would occasionally slip in cool facts about building structures and how she wanted to pretend to be an architect (her mother wanted her to be a star, though), and at the end of it all, after finding and taking a drug named after BoJack, watching the star show in a planetarium, she said how cool it was that the building was a dome. She leaned into BoJack, sighed, and said she wants to be an architect. Those were her last words. And that broke my heart. Since Monday night, I've been upset about that part.

I can't shake it.