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New Campus, New Me

Maybe not a new me, but definitely a new campus and new sense of trying to level up my adulthood.

The downtown campus of the college where I work moved, and it's now twice the distance from my home, in the High Falls district (juuuuust outside Center City). That's annoying, but workable. I now have to take two buses to get home. They got rid of the campus-to-campus shuttle, but they DO now have 3 city buses for MCC, which are free for student/staff use, thank goodness. I have yet to experiment with it (shall this afternoon, because these shoes are not made for walking).

The new campus is much nicer than I thought it'd be. I knew it'd look nice, but the area in which I work has half the computers it did at the old campus. These computers are for students to work on their homework between classes. The old lab was constantly packed. Here, it's pretty quiet most of the time, and even though there are half the computers, there's no fight for a spot. I don't know if it's because there are more students with laptops, or if there are other labs, but it's nice.

I'm stoked that I have my own file cabinet for supplies (and files in the bottom drawer). It's stupid, but I didn't have my own drawers at the old campus, so I had to trust that no one would go into the shared drawers to steal from my emergency stash or do something with my coffee mug or something. My co-worker took me to the supply closet to 'shop' for stuff for the drawers. I was like a kid going back-to-school shopping XD

The not-so-nice part is that I'm stationed by the (very creaky) door, so everyone comes to me first to ask every question that are for someone else in the department.

Oh, and for the first full week of college, only 140 students were given access to the secured wireless network. That was fun. I worked directly with the network guy to solve the problem. Then we had another problem with the wireless. Students can access it, but some can't get to the internet. I wish I knew networking jargon (it's not pivotal for my job, but it helps with rare instances) because I wanted to ask a question about the coding when they fixed the access cap, if maybe it wasn't matching with something somewhere else in the code (if there's code involved - this is what I'm talking about with not knowing the jargon). I figure it's something like web design. If you change the code in one place, you gotta make sure another component knows it's changed and matches up. Lo and behold, that's what happened. We fixed the issue where only 140 IPs were being given through our network. But didn't apply that fix to the firewall, so only 140 IPs were allowed access to the outside world. Hopefully, it's all fixed now.

Then there's the kicker - there are 6 workers in my department (Student Tech Help Desk, and I'm the only rep at this campus). 5 if you don't count the completely incompetent one. Plus the boss. THREE of our workers quit on the first day of classes. That left me on this campus, and our new staff-member at the other, plus the boss. I pulled doubles for the first week, and part of the second. Thankfully, the rush dies down fast, but still. This was a good motivator for my bosses (my boss, and his boss) to start pushing for a full-time slot to be made for my job. I told them I'd be able to get a car with a full-time job, so I could go between campuses if I was needed. I've been with them the longest. This is my only job (except 1 day a week at the liquor store). I'm the most dedicated.

No dice yet, but I feel closer to full-time than before.


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Sep. 19th, 2017 07:24 pm (UTC)
Fingers sooooo crossed for the full time option. I know that given the history one should not get the hopes up, but I so hope it for you.
Sep. 27th, 2017 02:42 pm (UTC)
The powers-that-be are at least acknowledging that I'm often needed for MUCH longer than my allotted budget - so something is getting worked on, as opposed to when they just gave the parental answer of "we'll see."
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