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At Home with Monsters

Fair warning, this is gonna be a picture-heavy post, but I'll try to pare it down a bit.

I just came home from the world's most amazing exhibit! The 'Bleak House' of Guillermo Del Toro! He's loaned out hundreds (maybe thousands) of items, big and small, from his home for this exhibit. Every time I think "surely this is the last - alas, over too soon," I turn to find yet another room filled to the brim with amazing collections!

A live pianist filled the gallery with songs from the classics, and from the films (the first song that played when I entered was, of course, the lullaby from Pan's Labyrinth, fitting, as a full-sized sculpture of The Pale Man was the first thing to greet me). Videos played on the occasional wall, showing clips of films or interviews. There's a rain room with Edgar Allen Poe, sitting between two fake windows showing a realistic video of rain careening down the glass, blurring the view of trees blowing in the wind outside. And the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) app had an audio guide narrated by Guillermo himself.

Some of the rooms have walls completely covered in decals depicting rooms of his house, film scenes, or book covers. A whole wall in the Lovecraft room is covered in covers of classic literature. In the comic work room, two of the three walls are covered floor to ceiling with pinned up comic books. In the room with the Frankenstein models, an entire wall is covered in every single Frankenstein-related book cover, including foreign editions, movie posters, kid books, and comic books.

The entire show was so completely well-created, as one would expect from such a master.

I heard this one in Toronto may be the last stop for the exhibit, for the simple fact that he misses his stuff. So if you get the chance to go up, it'll be there til January 7th. Go online, get the student rate tickets (they don't check). And don't forget to spend around a hundred bucks at the gift shop, like I did ;)

I took hundreds of pictures. The lighting and backgrounds were almost always perfect. You'll see it in the angel, especially. There are 24 images below, but if you want to see around 150 images (and that's still not even all of them), I've made the album on my FB public.

The Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth

Pan (and his fairy friends) from Pan's Labyrinth


The Elephant Man





Crimson Peak


And the Angel of Death (from Hellboy 2)