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For those who don't know, or forgot or something, the KonMari method of tidying up is this: You go through your entire house by 5 broad categories, in order (1. Clothes, 2. Books, 3. Papers, 4. Komono (misc), 5. Sentimental). You gather them all from every corner of your house into one pile in one place. Then you hold each item and and determine if it gives you joy (sparks joy, is the coined phrase) to have it, if it's useful, if it fits, or if it's a "just in case / just because / someday" item that, in reality, you will probably never get around to using.

Since I've KonMari'd my wardrobe twice this year (and once last year, and once a couple months back) and stopped there instead of continuing on with the rest of the house, I thought I'd skip the first step of the process and start with books.

2. Books
KonMari'ing the books worked with great success, and I finished in a day. I have 3 large shelving units and 5 small ones. Everything now fits on the three large units alone. I got rid of about a third of my books, including selling a couple items on ebay (a few Japanese magazines sold immediately, and I have a bid on a collection of Manga, which I'm selling cheap-as-hell). I also gave boxes of books to people who claimed them and picked them up (or paid shipping) through my KonMari Instagram (I made the rule to claim before the weekend is up, and pick them up / pay shipping, by week's end).

I have touched exactly two reams of my many magazines (the rest are from a subscription I reference a few times a year), and was too lenient on my comics. I may go digital with the majority of them.

1. Clothes
I won't be posting my clothes to instagram, because posting them online didn't really work out last time, plus with friends of all sizes, it's a crapshoot. My best friend, who lives down the road from me and is also near my size, gets first dibs on pretty much everything I'm getting rid of, and she's the only one I'm offering clothes to. I thought I could get the clothes done as quickly as I got the books done. Wrong. I'm still struggling through it (day 3 so far). I only got rid of two bags of clothes, not including purses and shoes and accessories and things. I had a mountain on my bed, and when I finished, I still had a mountain on my bed. I think I need to get really brutal with my wardrobe. Problem is, I wear everything I'm keeping. And I have a very, very small dresser right now. I'm hoping to fix that by year's end, but it sucks. I had a giant basket with clothes to fold and drawer, but the dresser's full and I have half the basket left. A second culling is needed, I think. This is gonna suck. But at least I've hung everything I wanted hung.

3. Papers
I'm kind of excited to work on the Papers category. Just because I know most of it is so much garbage and useless information, and it'll be nice to get it all in one place. I'll finally get around to throwing out all the medical and English notes I thought I'd look at again but never did.

4. Komono
As an artist with many, many hobbies, I'm going to throw the "sort by category, not by location" rule a little bit to the wind when it comes to my studios (yes, multiple studios), because, along with the misc of the other rooms, it's just TOO MUCH to handle otherwise, and I'll make a disaster of my living room (it's still recovering from the books - I'm dropping them off to donate this week).

5. Sentimental
Because I needed to do it when inspired, I already knocked the photo-culling off the list of sentimental items. I made sure there's just 2 little albums, with no loose photos around. And I think I got rid of all the negatives during last year's spring cleaning. Not entirely sure what else I'll come across when doing the sentimental items. Letters, for sure, old art, diaries, memorabilia... Unsure of how I feel about that impending cut.


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Nov. 20th, 2017 06:50 pm (UTC)
I bow down to your KonMari skills! My life could really benefit from this, but I'm so attached to my *stuff* and haven't tried it yet!
Nov. 27th, 2017 03:18 pm (UTC)
It's so hard, but I think the trick is to go through with it during a phase of "god, I'm so sick of all of my stuff!" which WAS a rare occurrence, for me, but I'm just getting more and more sick of all the clutter ;)
It also helps to think of it as removing the shrine of who I used to be to make way for who am and who I want to be.
Nov. 21st, 2017 09:07 pm (UTC)
I didn't know this was a termed method of cleaning! That is simply how I've always done it. The most I have at the moment is work related items and sentimental items. Though, those are still neatly organized.
Nov. 27th, 2017 03:22 pm (UTC)
I'm quickly finding the flaws in doing it this way as an artist, because there's just SO MUCH stuff. I think I'd absolutely love cleaning this way if I didn't have so much, so hopefully, this makes way for a more positive outlook on it :)
But dang, it's taking forever! I knew I had a lot, but I have so much more than I thought!
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