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Last year, I eventually found a niche in making monthly/weekly/daily resolutions (or monthly resolutions, and the rest were plans to see them fulfilled).  This is why I love my whiteboard.  It helps me stay focused and makes me feel accomplished when I get to cross something off the to-do.  Last two months were pretty good.   The whiteboard evolved a lot over the last year, so I feel pretty good about accomplishing shit this year.

The list:

1.  Get back on the wagon with my diet.  I blew off the diet like crazy this last month.  Gained over 10 pounds.  I'm so puffy and gross.  But I ate so many delicious foods.  As of yesterday, I went back on my full keto regime.  Gonna try to go the rest of the winter without a cheat meal.

2.  Go back to the gym.  I'm doing this next month.  This month is wrangling the diet and getting back into the swing of work schedules.

3.  Get back into the violin.  I love my violin and I miss it.  But I took it kinda hard when my tutor ghosted me and moved away.  Mixed with having an overpossessive friend who took all my time for a while, I haven't practiced since last summer.  This month, I'll be practicing solo.  Next month, I'll look for a new tutor.

4.  Draw every day.  Post (on instagram) every day, even if it's just a sketch.  And this includes digital stuff.  I'll have an art challenge from an artist I follow to help me (this month's study theme is Eyes). 

5.  Finish projects.  The main projects I'm going to finish this winter: Toyetica drawing, marshmallow ashcan, website updates, and part 1 of my Ace ashcans.  The rest of the year, I'm going to mark off weeks or months for specific projects.  From now on, when I decide to make something, I won't put it aside and let other projects stack on top.  I'll commit to only the project at hand.  That way, I won't accumulate a million supplies for projects I'll never get to (this resolution includes setting aside time to knock out some little side projects to bring down my stash of unused supplies).

6.  Keep finishing the little things.  It's dumb, but it helps stave off my depression if I keep feeling accomplished, even a little.  I used to joke about making super basic resolutions, like "put on deodorant, keep at least one resolution, take over the world" but with depression, man, it'd be an actual accomplishment to put on deodorant.  The whiteboard helps so much.  Daily things can be as big as setting up a new shop page, or as little as putting on some new nailpolish.  Plus there's space for breaking down giant projects into manageable chunks.

7.  Make comics.  I've been dying to make an auto-bio ongoing comic (strip), which is why I chose to make my queer book project that I haven't even started yet.  But I really want to make just any-day comics for myself.  Hell, I might even make one for these resolutions.

8.  Slowly kill Honey in my Gears.  I cut down the clutter in my craft room.  That was a huge hurdle.  Next on the list is cutting down the jewelry-making crap.  I don't like it anymore, but it brings me money, so I can't cut it off, only down.  I'll  have to dedicate a month to mass-making stuff out of it all, so I have a full supply of booth stuff, with fewer unused pieces, and won't have to worry about replenishing.

9.  Keep applying to booth as an artist, and hell, as a craft jeweler.  I've been waitlisted for Tora-Con.  No one gets in from the waitlist.  Bummer.  I was really hopeful about that.  I look at the stuff in the artist alley and see some cool stuff, but a huge load of amature stuff, and I hoped I could finally be one of them.  But I'll keep trying every year, and will try for other cons, and keep trying to find ways to expand my art into more marketable items (like pins and stickers and cards).

10.  Read all my French books.  Maybe not all of them.  I have a lot more since I first decided I wanted to dedicate a year to reading only in French.  I might just read maybe 5 novels, some short stories, and a comic (I only have one new French comic this year).  I also want to get a couple of Japanese comics and translate one of those.  And maybe work through a German one.  German is so hard, but worth it.  And of course, I've got some English books I have on my list.  I want to read more, in general.  My first book of the year will be A Wrinkle in Time, borrowed from Ron.  I haven't read it since I was in 3rd grade.

My new year began with a blood sacrifice.  I cut my thumb on, get this, a goddamn cocktail shrimp.  But during the day, first day, I accomplished so much.  I knocked a bunch of big things off my list of things to do (short only a few things, three of which will take only a few moments).

I updated and re-activated my etsy shop.
I created and loaded a brand new shop on Storenvy!
I showered/shaved.
And some other little things.

Only things I didn't get done were exfoliating (I forgot to bring in coffee grinds into the shower with me), painting my nails, hydrating my violin cases (all do-able today), and updating my official websites (which I should be able to get done by week's end).