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Fry Fury

I don't know what my hormones were doing, but at the end of my period, and at the end of a very long and unusually stressful day at work, and after I weighed myself, showing NO weight loss, I just NEEDED hot, instant, junk-food. And I had Ch. get some after he got out of work at night (at 11:30pm, I don't usually eat after 9). In the meantime, I devoured all the chocolate in the house. He texted some questions, I was very specific, and everywhere I sent him was closed, even McDonald's. When he texted that McD's was closed, I lost it. I burst into tears, I started using a thousand exclamations in my text to show my extreme anger and texted demands he could do nothing about. Then I realized... McD's doesn't close in the city. I looked it up to verify, and then was suddenly EVEN MORE angry at him for lying to me (he didn't - he was in a different town, yet I don't know why he was all the way out there). I eventually got my two large fries and double cheeseburger (though I'm still bummed I didn't get any pickles OR ketchup - they used to be default).

I feel infinitely better now. I don't have this insatiable craving for crap anymore, and I can focus again. Fuck that period.