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December 6th, 2017

I'm a Smart Guy

This is just a quick venting post about work.

Guy calls and wants to pay his daughter's tuition bill (today is the final extended deadline), but first he needs to set up the account.
Guy bitches that I can't send the setup letter to his personal email, and tells me his daughter is a minor and I should just do it.

I explained that she's not a minor (she's 18) and that this needs to go to one of the emails on file, and he's just going to have to text her to have her forward it to him.

He says she's in high school, not college, she is in class all day. I said she can do it between classes. He thinks there are no 'between classes' in high school.

I wanted to say, "well, next time, I guess you should make sure your email address is in the Parent/Guardian email slot instead of your daughter's, so you actually get the bill the first time." I wanted to say, "I think you're confusing high school with kindergarten. There are indeed 'between classes', and you're a fool if you think a teenage girl isn't going to check her phone between classes, if not during classes."

The guy calls back and is having a bitch of a time with this simple process, so I had to walk him through it.

Soon, he points out, "I'm a district attorney, so I'm a smart guy, not some dummy."

I wanted to say, "dummy, I just taught you to scroll up on a website. And you just asked me if you should click the link that says Pay Bill." In fact, he asked me to verify that he needed to do LITERALLY EVERYTHING, even after I directed him to do it ("click on the Students tab." "Oh, there's where it says Students, so I click on that?").

All the while he's bitching that this shouldn't be so difficult. You're about to put your credit card information in there. Be glad it's this 'difficult'.