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December 8th, 2017


Booth The First (this past Saturday) went well. I made over a hundred, and the last thing I sold was one of the top hats I decorated, which covered my booth fee. I thought they'd sell out early, but it must not be the exact right crowd - last time I had top hats to sell, they covered my (much more expensive) booth fee in a day. I also sold all the new items I made that I actually cared about (and got half the supplies to make more, but forgot the other half, and I think it's too late now). I'm really pretty happy that I made holiday cards and brought them to sell. It was my debut selling anything as an artist, and they did much better than I thought they would.

Booth the Second (the one jerkin' me around up til a week ago) is this Sunday. All last week, I stressed about needing to make new material for Saturday, and then when I only had about 8 new items made, I brought all the old stock out to pack up and realized I have PLENTY. I have SO MUCH merch that even after selling a hundred bucks worth of stuff, I don't actually need to make any new things for the booth (much smaller table) on Sunday. I will, though. I'm planning on making just a few new specialty items.

As for Booth the Third, I'm prepping art prints for just in case I get into Tora-Con (Artists Alley registration just closed, so I'll find out soon). And if I don't get in, I'll have art prints to sell online. I've got to get some holiday cards up for sale this weekend.

NYC trip is next Friday (through Sunday). I'm going with Sam and Chuck, and it's gonna be weird, mostly because I've never spent a long period of time in NYC or with Chuck. The plan is to hit the ground running. Pack Thursday, go straight from work to the train station on Friday. I haven't ridden a train since I was 3. Our 3 seats are separated into 1-seat, 2-seat sections, so depending on how much I want to loner-chill with headphones on, we're still deciding on who gets the lone seat (either me or Chuck, cuz I really don't want it to be Sam, stranding me next to Chuck with him talking my ear off). Pre-trip prep involves trying to save up some spending cash (hard with xmess and booth prep), and dying my roots. Oh shit, and I've gotta find a suitable outfit for the Krampus party. Wearing the demon horns from Halloween for sure. Maybe my furry kicks? Crap.

My friend Niki wants to go down before year's end, but she can't do it next weekend. We would have skated at Rockefeller together. In retrospect, I don't know if I'd have room for my skates, so maybe I'll be able to go back down, if she's able to hit it on a weekend (though holiday prices are gonna be wrecked).

Friday: Print some stuff for people. Maybe finally go to the gym (the shitty weather makes it so hard to stay motivated). Shop for craft supplies and a specific gift for a friend. Do some housework (and/or play Little Nightmares). Go to a Card Party at Kathy's (she bought 4 of my cards on Saturday), where we hang out, drink wine, and make out our holiday cards to people, and maybe share blank cards.

Saturday: Clean. Get my hair dyed by Sam. Maybe make it to a Tuba recital.

Sunday: Go to the Public Market with Debbie. Pack up and sell my wares at Lovin' Cup's craft show. Go to Debbie's birthday party. Crash.

After: I'm going to be finishing up some commissions by year's end (hopefully before I go to NYC, so next week is gonna be packed). My former co-worker Bill commissioned 3 paintings, just like the ones I'd done late last year, at $75 a pop! Then I've got an audio drama to record (hopefully a chunk by this week's end). I have one line in the first chapter, about a hundred in the second, and about 5 or so in the last chapter. And during downtime, press a few dozen buttons and prep some packages to ship out. It's gonna be a busy week.

I started this post Yesterday. I fully expected to dive into some depression talk in this paragraph, but as it's now the next morning, and I'm wearing a dress I really like, and I've spent half my wake-up time in bed in front of my Happy Light, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm pretty sure most of my sadness is weather related. And I know my sadness is partially coming from Depression Brain convincing me of holiday premonitions that aren't likely. But the Happy Light really helps, at least at the top of the morning.

(edit: No, I remember. I had a mini breakdown yesterday morning before work, because of politics and the state of the country. I admitted I am on the brim of being suicidal because of it, and as hard as it is for a poor, white-ish woman, I can't imagine what it's like for people who aren't white-passing and aren't in a blue state. It turned my stomach being reminded of this).