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On Dreamland Faces

Charles and I arrived early to Boulder Coffee on Alexander St. so we could get served and snag a good seat (when we saw Lullatone, it was nearly impossible to do these things in a timely fashion). We went straight for food and drink. Charles had already eaten, but I was starving, so I got the Mt. Hope Mound (a bitchin' salad that we successfully re-created last week and will re-create again when we both have the time) and a coffee-n-cocoa, which Charles discovered was the most delicious thing in creation. We nabbed a spot front and center.

The place quickly started packing up, and I saw Andy carrying his accordion and saw. I was unable to catch his attention, though. I wanted to talk to him about sustaining a note (because I can belt out notes on my saw now, I just can't get them to stay) and ask if there's any tricks to the sweet spots and creating melodies (besides practice).

Then I saw Karen putting her accordion on stage, and on the way off, I shouted, "Hi Karen!" and commented on her rad shoes. She promptly sat down and we started to chew the fat about her and Andy's move to Minneapolis and their work with Randall Throckmorton, whom I adore (he couldn't make it, this time, but Karen promised to tell him he has a fan in Rochester). Then Andy sat down and instead of getting to talk to him, he said they had to start setting up and all that jazz.

I did get to talk to him briefly after the show about Bullwinkle's and Rosaline, but nothing about the saw, because he was busy.

Oh, and after the show, I talked more with Karen, and she said that if I get a button maker (it came up) that she could commission me to do up some SHINY BUTTONS (that's the name of one of their songs). I would love that! I've always wanted a DF button :)

As for the show itself, it was, of course, awesome. They did one or two duel accordion songs in the beginning, and then switched to saw/accordion, and they did an equal amount of singing, which was lovely. I love the cone Andy sings into :)

And that's all I have to say. There are pictures, but I didn't want to use the flash, so they're all dramatically red. But I suppose I will post one...