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I would like to partially retract my statement of 2007 being the worst year in history... although it probably is the worst year in history, I feel that I must point out some of the high points of the year, which include seeing Voltaire, meeting pax_athena in person, traveling (although, many bad things happened to me while doing so, at least I got out there), meeting new friends, meeting Crispin Glover twice, seeing Johnny Hollow and meeting Vincent Marcone, going to Toronto a few times, seeing my Grampa without the drowning of the rest of the family (by that I mean, if they were all there, too, I would have been invisible), discovering Boulder Coffee, meeting Drew Rausch and hanging out with Ross, trick-or-treating, finding boss Concord Demonia boots for 8 bucks, letters from friends, videogames, having my question published in my favourite magazine ImagineFX, getting a laptop, getting The Wallflower on DVD as well as completing my manga collection, completing my Palahniuk collection, getting my picture taken with a cardboard cutout of Stephen Colbert, getting a buttload of cash, eating a full basket of the hottest wings Buffalo Wild Wings has to offer, got Voltaire's newest album, saw Jelyll, saw Tin Man, Neil Gaiman + Panda, Neil Gaiman + Crispin Glover, Harry Potter!, my sister's voyerist former-friends getting busted, Nightmares and Fairytales new tales, Cat Soup, Advent Children, Amy Sedaris's book "I Like You", getting a mobile phone...

But the list of bad is still at least 5 times longer than this.