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To My Friends, To My Enemies

I haven't checked my friends list in a long, long time. I'm sorry. I've been rather afraid to get sucked in. When I do have time to get sucked in, it takes about 2 hours to get through it, and I don't have that much time right now... or rather, I do have time, but I have been creating, or trying to create. I just want to be on the internet long enough to check my mail, check my myspace mails, check my comics, and periodically post something.

So if I have neglected you in any way, I'm sorry, and I do still care about you and like reading you like a .pdf file.

I'm currently making an aviator cap, a new strap to my goggles, some spats, a tie, another bow, and a table for the patio. I also have to get some glossy finish for my ray gun, get red and black spray paint for my dragon egg project, paint a couple of commissions, make a wrist compass, write letters, and finish the narration segment of my comic.

But I will leave you with today's xkcd, which is hilarious: