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Statuesque / Tora-Con

Today I'm going to Geva to be a human statue. My feet already hurt, not in anticipation, but because I was walking around Tora-con all day yesterday. I decided not to stay til 2, even though I kinda wanted to. I didn't want to exhaust myself for today. I went to bed at midnight and still had a hard time waking up this morning. It was fun, though. I dressed all steamy, and many people asked for my picture (actually, it seemed like the only ones who liked my outfit were lolitas, and coincodentally, they were all fellow steamfashion members, lol).

Unrelatedly, there is nothing like standing in the shower, gagging at the stench of the second-hand smoke coming up through the pipes and furnace... Hey guy downstairs? Put the cigarette down before you go into the bathroom! That guy's gotta be dead by asphyxiation / lung cancer before the year ends, I swear.

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