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Dreamland Faces

I just got back from an incredible evening out at the Dryden Theatre to see one of my favourite bands Dreamland Faces perform to some short films of cinema's earliest years, including a 'scary' short bit called The Haunted Hotel (including some of the earliest known stop-motion, an educational film on how to make a record, some Houdini stunts on film (including his first recorded stunt), some Felix the Cat shorts, and more!

I didn't get the chance to say Hi to Andy, but I got to chat with Karen for a little bit, and even ran into my darling boy Nick (of PBF fame). He was handing out the cookies at intermission. He says he's going to London this summer to work on a show! Whaaat? I promised to email him for more details.

Charles's brother Jeff went, and because of that, we left right when the show ended, and I couldn't stay to say goodbye to Karen or thank her for the CD :(

Anyway, it was super fun.

On the way there, I saw a place that I didn't know was there, called La-Tea-Da, a tea parlor, which I'll be checking out tomorrow afternoon (if Charles will be up by then).

No pictures this time (because, you know, it was at a movie theatre), but here's a picture from when they were here last (at Boulder Coffee Co.):

(for those with a myspace acct, here's the straight link to all the pics: poit