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A Day Well Spent, I Say

I knew we wouldn't make it for tea, but to be fair, I don't think either of us could remember the wacky time schedule at La-Tea-Da.

Previous to going to the tea parlour, we stopped at Utter Clutter, a fantastic curiosity shop on Park Ave and I had a fantastic chat with Sarah (the boss lady), and Charles helped me purchase a sweet, very old hat (picture coming eventually).

So without tea, or food, we went over to Camille's for some yummy swiss scrambler breakfast wraps and fruit, then we walked over to Abbot's for a cone of chocolate chip mint custard (I normally hate going to Abbot's because I despise custard, but this was a nice flavour), and we ate it outside while listening to a fantastic French accordionist play some gorgeous tunes. I told him about Dreamland Faces, but he didn't get to go. Oh well, he has his own amazing sound.

Then we walked a little more, pet some dogs, and went home.