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This conversation got me out of my stupid, dazed, semi-miserable mood. I loves my Cap'n Kat :)

Kat: I don't plan on getting pregnant ever- too many hormones involved, and the world is populated enough already.

Me: For reals. I will have kids when lots of people die.

Kat: Yeah! After the nuclear holocaust, we'll repopulate the entire world with Voltaire and Alan Rickman.

Me: Heavens to betsy! Don't forget Jason Isaacs!

Kat: Oh lawdy lawd! Never forget!

Me: And Johnny Depp. We should also toss in Tim Curry for fun.

Kat: Damn. this is turning into a repopulation orgy... I approve!

Me: The more guys we have to repopulate with, the less deformed our kids will look due to incest.

Kat: You raise a good point- if that's the case, let's be sure to bring Dave King and Bridget Regan from Flogging Molly to our nuclear shelter. I want our kids to be musically inclined... and Irish.

Me: In that case, David Bowie all around too!

Kat: Yeah! Our baby boys need HUGE packages!

Me: We should also have Zooey Dreschanel, Kate Winslet, and Rachael Hurd-Wood there too, cuz I'm not having THAT many babies. My crotch will be wiped off the planet!

Kat: Kate Winslet? Mmph... I s'pose... can we please bring Nicole Kidman?

Me: Yep, but she ain't got very good birthin' hips.

Kat: That is true... but she's so lovely, and has a lovely voice. We'll use Nicole for embryo transfers into me. I've got wide ol' hips.

Me: She can tell bedtime stories. If Christian Bale survives the bomb on his own, he can also read bedtime stories, if Neil Gaiman is unabailable, and he uses his Howl voice.

Kat: Oh, Christian Bale will survive- god. It's a shame Heath Ledger is dead. I would dress him up as the Joker to scare the little rugrat motherfuckers to bed.

Me: We shall have Crispin Glover to dress as the Joker.

Kat: Ah yes. Well, seems like we've got it all planned out when world leaders decide to blow everyone the fuck up :)

Me: We will have to save some people that can make a giant pirate ship, too. They can bring their own women if they like.

Kat: You're right- You can employ some handy steampunks, can't you?

Me: Sho' nuff. And some sexay pirates! Some of them have kids, though, so they'll be coming too, but that's not bad. If our kids are anything like us, they'll be into the older ones.

Kat: Awesome! Haha, oh yes. We'll all rock old man cock.

Me: We might have to have a few ships at this point, though. WAIT! We can get the amish! They will totally survive any disaster.

Kat: Omg you're right! But what about their horses and mules? The amish are nothing without mules!

Me: Hopefully not EVERYWHERE will be flooded. They can take the high roads and build houses and raise barns and babysit the kids.

Kat: Sounds like a plan!


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Jul. 30th, 2008 02:32 am (UTC)
I have a son named Noah.
He can build a boat to hold all of them...and more.
Does that qualify me to be saved? Although, he'd have to make a different boat for me come to think of it, well, maybe not for me. Nicole Kidman can float in it. She looks like a piece of driftwood anyway.

Why not Christian Bale AND Neil Gaimen? Add David Mack into that and we have one of my favorite fantasies.
Which reminds me...I need a moment alone...
Jul. 30th, 2008 03:36 am (UTC)
Oh man, David Mack!! I have an autographed print of his from when I met him. He's so incredible!
And duh, you're saved! You're a fighter! Neil, too.
But I get Jason Isaacs to me'self <3
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