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List (tm)


Things to do before I start school Tuesday:

  • Laundry check
  • Dishes check
  • Clean living room and sewing corner
  • Make Boyfriend clean his work space
  • Write/post pics of Voltaire show check
  • Write to people
  • Get my fucking mail situation in order!
  • Plant a keyboard garden
  • Learn katakana
  • Sew Sew Sew!
  • Finish my Lolita jumper
  • Sew a pocket into my purse check
  • Sew a new purse with a shoulder strap screw that.
  • Sew a Scout plushie for Ross
  • Get more socks 3 pair's enough
  • Finish 6 pages of IMJH for the Fall!
  • Load mp3 player with new tunes and I'm loving it.

Things to do when I start
  • Get a job
  • See Bella Morte in Toronto with Ross Cock it, they fucking cancelled!
  • Make friends that are marginally close to my age
  • Boogie down with Emily!
  • Finish reading Lolita
  • Start writing again working on my first sci-fi ish story
  • Finish issue 1 of IMJH.

Add/Delete? It's a mostly solid list, not necessarily in order, and there's always room for more.

Oh, and become a beauty queen just like Nell Campbell!!