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Today was Join-a-Club day at MCC. As someone who was deprived of joining clubs in junior high, high school, and college, I got a little excited when my new friend Danielle, from my Stage Makeup class, reported that today was the day when all the clubs got together in the main square to promote themselves.

Danielle wanted to hang out a bit after class, and wanted me to join the Gay Alliance with her. Okay, I'm not 100% straight, and I support loving, liking, and fucking whomever one wants, so why not? The boy at the booth saw my name on the sign-up sheet (that's Fawn, for all you lj-ers who don't know me for some reason), and asked if I knew about Furries. Yes, I said, thinking to myself oh shit, I hope he didn't ask if I'm INTO Furries, which I just said yes to, because he's now telling me he's totally into Furries, ugh. I said I'm not into it, but I don't shun the weird-ass fetish.

Then halfway through my day, I realized if I'm going to be active in that club, I'm going to be surrounded by gay kids that will discuss hiding themselves in society and being the opposite sex trapped in the sex they are, and possibly young girls who are curious about trying it out... and use the club just to hook up (which, hey, is part of what it's for, right?), and I was suddenly uninterested in surrounding myself with all that emo.

What I got excited about, though, was the Sci-Fi/Fantasy club. I was the second of 11 girls to join (out of 70 total). The people running the booth were the most entertaining I've run into yet. They're my people. They really won me over with the words Dragon*Con and Free in the same sentence. And the fact that they got yelled at for one of their many slogans made up that day.
"Join Sci-Fi club! We don't all live in our parents' basement!"
"Join Sci-Fi club! Some of us have real girlfriends!"
"Join Sci-Fi club! We smell much better than the Japanese Culture club!"
"Join Sci-Fi club! We oppose abortions, but support killing babies!"
...and that's when they were promptly wrist-slapped and I swooned.

Anyone who has no boundaries as far as offensive material goes is my best friend!


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Sep. 11th, 2008 04:16 pm (UTC)
My fursona is not having sex with people dressed up as animals!
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