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I managed to survive Airplane Awareness Day without any patriotism being shoved in my face yesterday. I also survived going to school late due to staying up til 4:30am playing with photoshop, and made it through the day... also, I skipped piano class to get breakfast at Mt. Hope diner with Boyfriend. And I survived the first Sci-Fi club meeting. I can't believe nobody heard of Troma (except one other girl) OR Zombie Walk! Once again, dead babies and Dragon*Con+free was mentioned, and I swooned.

What did not survive, though, was my financial aid account. I had to get the Mehron pro makeup kit for Stage Makeup class, and the MCC bookstore jacked up the price from $45 (the price you'd get it at the store), to $70!! which was exactly how much I had in my fin-aid account, which meant I had to use my credit card to pay for the tax and that reminds me... I have to go put five bucks into my bank account.

I had to return my Short Stories class book in order to pay for it. Ouch. Now I have to search out each story we'll be reading online or in other books. Crap. I just made school a lot harder.

And I have to finish my lolita skirt for tomorrow night! Argh! It will never get done :(

Also, Boyfriend does not approve of me being a guinea pig (no, not a fucking furry!). I have the opportunity to do a study for a new flu vaccine. Boyfriend is worried for my health, and that's sweet, but I've been doing these bad boys for ages, and I'm okay so far. It's $150 + $50 for every followup visit.

But on the plus side.... FreakAngels Friday! It has quickly become my new favourite comic. Way better than mooncalfe's comics. (I kid, I kid. I have almost all of his comics, and you should too)
Oh, and I invited ray_gunn to the Price is Right marathon. He said he might make it, depending on when it'll be, and which movies will be shown (I think we're going to round 'em up and have a vote).

PS: happymachines! I saw Kelly at the hospital today. He cornered me at the elevators :)


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(Deleted comment)
Sep. 13th, 2008 01:19 am (UTC)
Did I say it was better than your comics? I meant NOTHING is better than your comics.
Don't make that face, or it'll stay that way.
Sep. 13th, 2008 01:34 am (UTC)


Am I the last thing on your brain, like, always?

First of all, I get a discount at Arlene's, which tends to sell the exact same kits..cheaper.
I also have much of the make-up required in those kits around here, somewhere. I would have dug it out for you.

I pretend to be a pro body artist most days, silly-silly girl.

Next time, check with me or I shall deal out 1157 lashings with a damp lasagne noodle.

Aaaaand, on that short story front.
Let me know what stories you need. I was a lit. major. I still have my books. Then I team taught a semester of Short Story Lit at GCC.
Ted was also involved in Lit.
I am sure we can help, unless every story you will be covering was written in the last...um...12 months.

Sep. 13th, 2008 02:16 am (UTC)
You were actually the first on my mind, but I wanted my own kit (and I can't buy from stores, I can only do fin-aid).
1157 lashes? That is an excellent number, but I don't think the noodle will last that many lashings.
The book I forfeited was called Doubletakes, "by" TC Boyle. Nothing written in the last year...

and is it just me, or do (other) lit. students try too hard? I mean, I said to the girl who sits next to me, "I usually read stories at face value," by which she was frightfully appalled. But "face value" to me means reading the story, not the words, and I usually understand what the author is trying to say and blast through the class discussions. Other students try to dig so far into the story that they find symbolism that isn't there! Sometimes the growth patterns of local grass is just freaking grass!
Anyway... what was I saying?
Oh yeah, so I am totally happy with the kit anyway. I had a tonne of the makeup and stuff, too, but now I've got 'em brand new, and I'll wager it'll be used up by next year :D
But you know, what I REALLY want from you is those wonderful vibrant liquid eyeliners <3<3<3
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