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Movies + Music

I got the soundtrack to Gypsy 83! It rocks so much! I always forget how much I like Stevie Nicks and have to wonder why I don't have any Fleetwood Mac in my collection.

I also am super excited to get my Voltaire CD. He just got in his shipment and is sending them all out now! I love the song he does with Julia Marcell. I love Voltaire. Have I ever mentioned that?

And I finally saw Get Smart at the dirt theater last night! It was so awesome! I LOVE Steve Carell. I LOVE Maxwell Smart!

I made an off-the-wall prediction that would have probably happened in the original series, but didn't, and Boyfriend made the prediction "Missed me by THAT much!" which was said. I forgot about that line :)

I'm glad The Rock learned not to look at the camera, and he didn't play such a pretentious douche bag. Anyone else notice the Bernie Kopell cameo? He was the original KAOS guy.

Hymie made it in the movie. Played by (*squeal*) Patrick Warburton!!! Oh man, his scene was brutally fantastic! I want more!!! MORE!!!!!!

Aside from the whole romantic shit between Max and 99... come on... did you have to?
I really want to see it again. And own it. It was so awesome :D


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Sep. 13th, 2008 09:09 pm (UTC)
screened :)
You are the greatest!
I have no idea if they came from anywhere else first, but the book with all of them in it is called Doubletakes.
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