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Nov. 11th, 2008

I went to Blockbuster to rent a couple of movies, and a girl passed by me. She was skinny with really long hair and I thought it was an old friend... the smell that hit me when she passed was the same, too. I kept looking as she browsed through the aisles, and finally, she looked back at me and recognized me!

Michelle Baritot! Holy shit. We used to refer to each other as "The other smart person in my summer school English class." That's where we first met, and after Josh died, I had nothing left until my sister invited me out to this party house (24-hour party people)... and I met Matt Baritot, one of the most important people in my life, and we talked all night long... and I discovered that he and Michelle were siblings. Goodness. I haven't talked about Matt in ages.

Anyway, she's living right around here, and she told me that Matt got married!!

My first love. The person who wouldn't drunkenly sleep with me because he loved me. He LOVED me. This guy who could barely hold down a relationship... he's married now. So odd to think about.

So we exchanged numbers and I continued my checkout.

Oh, the rentals... I rented House (the movie with the demons, not the show with the doctor) and The Sandlot. Two movies I cherished in my childhood.