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Almost a year after it was shot, and almost a year of waiting, we finally have the full music video to Voltaire's song Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)!!! It turned out splendidly, but I'm just barely in it... the most you can see of me is my arm :\
But it was so worth it... my cake is in there all lit up (and I'm told it was delicious, but it was devoured before I got the chance to verify).

Anyway, the video was shot by Jochen Schoberth of Etage Music in Germany and directed by Voltaire himself. Populated by 100 of his Gothy-Loli friends who were exclusively cast from right on his myspace page!

It was so much fun... I'm just out of camera-shot for most of the video, but I still hold that I had the best seat in the house. If I wasn't getting run over by a hand-made camera dolly, getting kicked by a rabbi preacher, or getting my face beat in by a guitar, I was getting a great view of Voltaire's ass, hahahaha ;)

Watch and sing along!