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This is the best book review I've ever read. From icantmakeme, from Awesomeville:

I have just finished reading the condensed plot of every 'Twilight' novel.

And I could weep. According to Stephenie Myer's website some of her favourite authors are Douglas Adams, Jane Austen and William Shakespeare. She even says that the Twilight books are based on Pride And Prejudice, Midsummer Nights Dream etc etc etc oh my god I can't continue to type rationally about this WHAT THE FUCK is going on with people encouraging young girls/women to read these books? Jesus Christ. Extreme sports vampires? Controlling relationships? Realising you totally love this other guy too because he forces himself on you? Giving up your education to get married and immediately have a baby even though you're not really 'into' the idea of marriage? WHAT. THE. FUCK? This is some kind of Mormon propaganda and it's not even well written propaganda. First person is difficult enough to conquer without it being attempted by a person who appears to have a level of literary skill that Mills And Boon would be ashamed to own. Hell, that a teenage girl would be ashamed to own! Don't even get me started on the fact one of the books contains blank pages because 'Bella Swan' is so overwhelmed by her high-school boyfriend leaving her that she has some kind of black-out for several months. A black-out which results in the author not having to write anything connecting act one to act three, I assume. This same teenage 'heroine' also says, "Shoot." when she gets a paper-cut. Mind you, it was a life threatening paper-cut. Myer's next novel is allegedly "science fiction for people who don't like science fiction" and the plot summary details what is basically a polygamous relationship. Ummmmm……Mormons? Anybody? I have to go sleep this off.

And this comic (entitled, "Twilight or Toilet") by Mara gives an accurate description, too: