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I posted a few sketches up on imjh. I post there so little, I feel I have to say this every time (because I do get new LJ friends between posts most times):

For those who are new to my journal, or who don't usually pay attention to this journal- but decided to do so today, imjh, or I Married James Hook, is a comic concept I've been fiddling with for a while. The journal is Friends Only (so you have to add it and comment, and I will add you back), and will remain so until I get the comic it's own website (that is, when I have completed issue 1 and start posting it for all to see- my new goal for this is May or June, but am shooting for sooner).

I am terribly out of practice from many (well, not MANY, but for an artist... many) years of not drawing at all, so I am in the very, VERY beginning processes of this project. I have so far plotted issue 1, scripted it, made a few character sketches, worked out the first seven pages of issue 1, written some of issue 2, and then decided it wasn't good enough and started over (not from scratch, but still over).

I think I am happy with the new thumbnail pages I'm working on, and will be posting some bits from them soon!

I have a week off from school, so I will be hooking up my new scanner this week :D