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Hexham Cat Burglar!

Taken from this article

HEXHAM’S most notorious cat burglar has finally been caught.

For weeks residents of Shaftoe Leazes had been mystified over the disappearance of packets of cat food from a garden shed.
But it wasn't until two-year-old Berlie decided to take her ill-gotten gains home to owner Chris Blance that the culprit was finally identified.
Mrs Blance saw Berlie jump through her cat flap one day with an unfamiliar object in her mouth.
Thinking that it was a rat or a bird, she was surprised to discover that it was in fact a packet of Sainsbury’s cat food – a brand she didn't buy.
When the same thing kept happening, Mrs Blance set about tracking the source of the food – and discovered it was Berlie who had been sneaking into her neighbour’s shed and taking the food meant for their cat.

Heeee! Isn't that cute? This is the cat of my cousin Ben Blance's mum. I don't know what Look North is, but he's said they came by to see Berlie today.

Cats these days.