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I had a gay old time last night with the boys after having a gay old time with the girls.

First, Aliza picked me up to go to Rocky Horror, and we met up with Tiffani. Aliza brought her "virgin" boyfriend who hadn't ever seen the show live before. He loved it. Over half the audience were virgins and the pre-show took SO LONG to get through them all. I was bored. I'm sorry, but I'm either too old for Rocky, or just too sober. I recall having a good time last time I went, but then remembered that I got hammered before I left. Then realized I hadn't been sober for a Rocky night in a good 6 years. I was not enjoying myself. I twittered and txted until it was over (first time I've used twitter more than once in the same week). I tried convincing Charles to come pick me up early, but he was still working out plans for the late evening with Jeff and Phil.

So, after the show, Charles, Jeff, their cousin Phil, and I all went out to meet up at Boulder coffee co (got there ten minutes before they closed). Then Phil took us to his local haunt "The Forum", a gay bar for bears, bikers, and leather-clad studs. I think Charles and Jeff may have been uncomfortable (it was a total meat market- set for hook-ups and show-offs), but the crowd was nice, so the only thing I found uncomfortable was the heat. It was pretty crowded, and they had the windows closed. Ugh. Phil bought me the best Long Island Iced Tea I've ever had in my life! They put diet coke in, instead of regular, and they added peach Schnapps :) I had two while I was there, and I shared them with Jeff while we chewed the fat. I was one of about five girls there, total, and Phil wanted me to get my boots shined. Odd. There was a girl shining leather boots, but we couldn't find her until it was last call. Next time, they said.

At the end of the night, I made Jeff guess which hand I had his keys in, and after he picked the wrong one, twice, I forked them over, and he went home... a little tipsy, but he made it back safely. Then Charles, Phil and I went over to the NY Diner to have delicious things (I had breakfast, they had lunch/dinner). And we chilled out and talked for a few more hours.

THEN!! On our way to Phil's house (to drop him off at home), we got pulled over by a cop. It was VERY strange. We passed him, and we noticed he'd turned around, and sure enough, his lights went off, so we pulled over, and Charles got out his registration as per tradition... but the cop only wanted his license. Then he gave it back saying, "Okay, you're not him." Okaaaaay? Who? And he said there's a guy with long hair going around the shops breaking in. So Phil, the quick-witted guy he was, said "I live in this neighbourhood- are there break-ins I should be worrying about? Where'd you say they were?" And he said, "I just told you." And Phil said, "I'm in the passenger seat, though, and I couldn't hear you." And he (sort of) repeated, "around these shops." Hmmm... extremely suspicious. Not the break-ins. But about how vague this cop was, and about how he said he was looking for a guy with long hair. But Charles keeps his hair tied back, and does NOT look like he has long hair at all when you view him from the front (which, when we passed the cop, would be how he'd have seen Charles). I thought about calling it in to the police (there are cop impersonators out there sometimes) to verify HIS story, but I was too tired to really even move at that point.

We didn't get home til 5am. Delightful.

Then we woke up early to meet up with Aliza, her mom, Tiffani, Jeff, and some others for Dim Sum :)


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Aug. 17th, 2009 12:31 pm (UTC)
I had an awful Long Island Iced Tea on the weekend. You must have got my real one by mistake.
Aug. 17th, 2009 07:22 pm (UTC)
I did ask for it to be teleported through a wormhole from Australia.
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 17th, 2009 07:23 pm (UTC)
I KNEW you'd exact your revenge on Charles for making me miss out on SDCC ;)
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