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I've been holed up in bed for days with a cold. I went into class Tuesday morning for my first French test of the semester. Nailed it, too, but then had to go home early. I haven't been out of bed except to check email while I eat dinner (chicken soup- mostly broth) or when I go into the bathroom to run the hot water and steam. I've had brief visitors (Meagan, Scott, Tiffani- who are all also sick) and have broken down crying only twice! Both for being lonely of BF (Charles won't come near me, except when we sleep, and he keeps under his own blankets, and hides his head under his pillow- which I don't care about, but I feel especially lonely when we're awake).

My music teacher got a cold over the weekend (along with EVERYONE else), and came in Monday raving about this thing called Neti Pot, which, after spending $14 last night, I have discovered is the greatest thing in the world.

Also, rest totally helps. I feel horrible for resting when I should be at school or doing other things, but rest, man... that's the key. I've done a good job so far keeping this cold out of my lungs, and maybe this will be the shortest cold I've ever had. Last year, my cold turned into pneumonia. Ugh. But good news! I no longer feel like I'm going to die. I have had this feeling of "pretty okay" almost all day :)

Anyway, I've also been catching up on my comics. I finally finished volume 4 of Fables, finished volume 2 of House of Mystery, and am about to start volume 6 of Y: The Last Man and of Transmetropolitan.

Also, since I've not found a new comic store to go to, I've only been able to get volumes of my favourite comics (like House of Mystery and Fell), rather than single issues. And I went looking for blogs of creators and such of HoM, and Oh, oh, oh! I found something... something... Oh, my darling Poet!!

Cover of #17 (volume 2 only goes up to 10)

Damn. I have to wait to see if my darling Poet makes it out alive. I must say... I didn't quite like him in Vol. 1, but something changed. Anyway. Now I wait. Wait for volume 3. Wait for the cold to pass.

Tomorrow, I will collect $100 for getting up at 5:30am and working all day long at something called Hackerfest. Don't ask. And Saturday, I will be selling my crappy crafts in Palmyra's craft fair. Hopefully I'll have some fairy wings made by then.

The end.