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The End of the Year Thing

Well, as Warren Ellis began his own year-end post, 2009 was not quite done with me. The other day, I walked to Wal-Mart in order to get a hat, gloves, and new boots. I walked there to get them, which means, I didn't have them when I went walking, and I really underestimated the weather before I left the apartment. So I came back with a hat, gloves, new boots, and a cold. And a headset for Skype use.

2009 wanted to make sure I didn't leave without another cold to get over. Well, I'll show you! I may currently feel like I have two carrots shoved up my sinuses, but by golly, I have learned a thing or two about getting over a cold!

Things I learned in 2009:
~How to beat a cold in a timely fashion
~Even small parties can get out of hand
~bad teachers for good classes exist
~French is for me. Japanese isn't. Still undecided on German.
~Creative cursing! courtesy of Warren Ellis, and my own imagination.
~Something as small as a lost sketchbook can be enough to punch a big hole in the heart
~cake decorating, and how!
~Warren Ellis really DID make sweet, passionate love to my childhood
~If I have a deadline, I actually CAN complete a short comic book!
~People are stupid
~There ARE still people who take the initiative to figure things out for themselves
~I am very good at shopping for people, wrapping gifts, and making paper snowflakes.

Best movies of 2009:
~Let the Right One In*
~Star Trek
(runners up: Coraline, Drag Me To Hell)
(*released in '08 but came to a theater near me in '09)

Worst movies of 2009:

Best music of 2009:
~Emilie Autumn
~Silent Auction
(I don't actually listen to much new music)
(*counts, because at one of his shows, he introduced 2 new songs)

Best books of 2009:
~Shivering Sands- Warren Ellis
~The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls- Emilie Autumn
~Pride and Prejudice and Zombies- Jane Austen
~Crooked Little Vein- Warren Ellis*
~Starship Troopers- Robert Heinlein*
(*ones I READ in '09)

Best comic books of 2009:
House of Mystery
Wet Moon
Y: The Last Man*
(*ones I READ in '09)

Other awesome things of '09:
~Voltaire and Jayme got engaged and married
~Meagan and Scott got married
~Craft nights with the girls
~Tea parties and parlour events
~button machine!
~became VP of sci-fi club
~Susan Boyle's got talent!
~did makeup and on-screen stuff for 2 Zombie movies
~Silent Auction opening for Voltaire!!!
~Swine Flu
~Allegany Nature Pilgrimage with Aliza Jayne
~the Deady Bootleg fiasco
~Stephen Colbert live :D
~created things
~2 new tattoos
~Symphony of Science songs and videos (Carl Sagan <3)

And best news from today (from Warren Ellis's blog):

"I read today that auld acquaintance Patrick Stewart is to be knighted this new year for services to drama. This pleases me immensely. Patrick told me many times that Spider Jerusalem is his role model. I trust he won’t be headbutting any members of the royal family or vigorously wiping his arse on the Queen’s skirts during the ceremony."

Also, Voltaire left this on his facebook:

"Getting ready for a small get together with friends to say goodbye to stinky old 2009 (seriously, it had it's moments but overall kind of sucked. ..see: ECONOMY) and welcome shiny, new 2010! Excited for next year!"

to which I replied: "Kiss Orville for me!"
to which he replied: "yes Fawn, Orville will be there and I'll more than kiss him for you!"

I know this is a pretty incomplete list of things, and I welcome suggestions for more stuff here, but do forgive me, for I am ill and in a rush (there's a party after this entry, of course- we'll see if getting dressed for it will leave me with enough energy to go).