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Some things

First of all, I was unaware that Amanda Palmer was dating Neil Gaiman (what I get for skipping over his blog half the time), but congrats on the engagement!!! It came as a total (delightful) surprise to me :)

Second, human-faced sheep. Wow. Wish there was a video.

Third, my old email address (boiled_mother at yahoo) was hacked and sent a begging-for-money email to everybody on the contact list, so apologies if you received such a thing. I told yahoo to just delete the account because I don't use it anymore, anyway. And maybe they did and that's why I can no longer access my family-friendly facebook (they weren't the same password as far as I knew, so I don't know why I suddenly couldn't access it otherwise). So, I took the time to create a new account. Transferred my pictures over, and re-added everybody (unless you were also on my main account) one at a time, including a little message about the hack, and had to fill a capcha for each >_< Ugh.

Fourth, I have a doctor now (no, not a time-lord). Doctor Miner. I had an appointment yesterday (well, technically, the day before, but I haven't been to bed yet, so it's yesterday for me). Not sure how I like him yet, because it was the first visit, but I'm just happy I have a primary care physician now and it's not costing me an arm and a leg to see him. I will have a dentist soon, too. I am healthy, by the way. Except my weight needs to go down (working on that now), and my teeth need to be mended.

Fifth, I still have a cough I can't shake, but I have more medicine that will hopefully do the trick.

That's it. See you, space cowboy.