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How Embarassing!!

The Lost & Found box has rescued me from humiliation.

I got a great pair of trousers as a sort of birthday present to myself 'round October or November. They fit nicely, if only a little snug, and made me look taller and even slightly slimmer (due to the pinstripes). And I KNEW this would happen eventually, when I saw that the seam was stretching out to the point where you could actually see the needle-holes surrounding the thread on both sides of the seam.

I made it til about 10pm here at work, and I sat down in the chair with my leg curled under me (always a mistake wearing new boots with a course, rubber tread), and it was a silent death. I felt a cool air and knew what was coming for weeks had finally come. I had a small hole, actually, off center from the seam, oddly, like it was the pocket's seam that had ripped or something. And that small hole became a big hole, exposing half my backside and my (awesome) Batman underpants.

My first thought was to grab my coat, but it wasn't long enough, and then I remembered, wait! There is a big, flowy scarf in the Lost & Found box! And it was black-and-white, so it went nicely with my outfit when I wrapped it around my waist :)

My boss still doesn't know... I don't know if I'll tell him, but I feel like it's funny enough (and I'm not modest enough anyway) to share... after work lets out, so there is minimal time for him to rip on me (no pun intended) before tomorrow's shift.



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Feb. 7th, 2010 01:01 pm (UTC)
I would have hid in the bathroom for the rest of my shift or run away in terror
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