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Character a Day: Star

Haven't done one of these in a while. From characteraday

Character Name: Hoshi
Genre: YA or Contemporary / Sci-fi
Describe the Character Physically in Your Own Words: Hair you need to touch. Skin you wish you possess, no matter who you are. And she has the softest, most soothing voice you will ever hear. She is truly the greatest creation in the industry.
One Line Description of Character: Hoshi is the only perfect model from ShineCorp.
Tell Us About the Character: Hoshi was born in the ShineCorp factory, already matured 20 years, and unsettlingly intelligent. She enjoyed being the most graceful and coveted android to come off the conveyor belt, and did not care about being human, unlike her other sentient sisters. Hoshi knew the first flaw of being human would destroy everything she was. She watched beautiful humans hurt, wrinkle, and die. And who needed that?
What is their preferred morning drink? A mix of green and jasmine tea were just what she needed to fuel her furnace.