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List update

In 2 hours, I will have my time off cut short: at 5 or so today, I have to (get dressed and) go to my editor's house to work on the school's literary magazine layout. Won't be back til late. Tomorrow I will sneak into Tora Con and meet Billy West (!!!!!!) and peruse the shops. Sunday, I'm hoping to go to Syracuse for Mafia-style dinner :) Monday, school.

List of things I need to do before the week is over:
(finish sf story)
(read four one short story)
(practice piano)
(practice violin)
(outline Theremin presentation)

art stuff
(6x6x2010 submission)
(alice painting- started at least)
(work on unfinished paintings)
(make some jewelry)
(make at least one mask)
file taxes
apply for passport
do a voice over for a friend (thank fucking whatever I don't have to do this til like, the summer- plus my mic is dead for some reason *coughWindows7cough*)
(organize books and magazines)
(put away winter blankets)
(do laundry!)
(PUT AWAY laundry)
(go through closet and get rid of stuff I don't wear anymore)
(organize coat closet)
(put shoes somewhere!!!)
(label stuff)
(organize jewelry stuff)
(break down shipping boxes and get rid of 'em)
(I never found it)
(R2-D2 cake) (I didn't need to!)
(peach cakes) (my friend borrowed my mini rounds tin yesterday)
(mini cupcakes) (tried a new frosting recipe too)
Sneak into ToraCon
(assemble outfit) (will try to find a photo)
(meet Billy West) (first in line and it was awesome!)
(find last year's badge in case they use the same ones) (they didn't)</strike>
Mail people
(clean living room)
(organize desk)

List of things I need to do before June
Photos of my jewelry
(fix Jules Verne necklace)
(get good chains for pendants)
(find appropriate settings on camera)
(redo entirely)
(feature jewelry/hats/accessories)
(put cakes on site)
(work on gallery FIRST instead of last)
Submit jewelry to Steampunk Inspirations
(feature Jules Verne necklace)
Resister for a summer class
(BALLET!!) (registered, but it is a fall class)
(maybe songwriting)