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Books and Movies and Art and TV

1. Today, I got my copy of The Sticks from a seller on the amazon.com marketplace. Andy Deane (the author, and lead singer of Bella Morte who I'm going to see on Thursday!!) had plugged that some copies were going for just six bucks, so I hopped on it, because I kept forgetting to buy it til just then. So I got it, and, well... I had to drop Andy a line about this one:

Hey Andy,
You haven't by chance gotten word that that $6 copy (from seller sweethomeliquid2) of The Sticks was mis-bound, have you? Or is it just mine that has the guts of someone else's book inside?
I was so excited that I'd gotten your book before the show on Thursday, and then I open it up and inside is a book of short stories by Cat Rambo :(
Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to find a solution for this on Amazon.

He replied that he hadn't heard anything. Must just be me, which sucks, because I wanted to read it this weekend! Argh! I have the receipt for my purchase with an order number, but there is no sign of me having bought it in amazon's database (so I can't even leave feedback!). I did manage to email the seller, so hopefully I'll be hearing back from them soon. Or else... *shakes fist*

2. Finally saw the movie Whip It. I've had it a long time, but decided to watch it last night in cramp-addled pain. I absolutely loved it. Ellen Page was Ellen Page without being Juno (which is what I was kinda afraid would happen, but am so glad didn't). I LOVE Roller Derby movies! I want to get them all, then learn how to roller skate (my first time on wheels resulted in 3 seconds of actual rolling, followed by an immediate trip to the emergency room to get a cast put on my arm), join Roc City Roller Derby, then rock the name RAINBOW FRIGHT!!!

3. I plan on seeing a bunch of movies soon at the Dryden. Check my previous entry for dates, times, and movies. I'm probably not going to see all of them (in fact, I missed the first two on the list this weekend), but keep an ear out. I'm DEFINITELY seeing Hausu, Brazil, Metropolis, and The Good Ol' Naughty Days :)
Edit: And ERASERHEAD! Which somehow escaped my list, but is there now.

4. My Daria Complete Series DVD shipped today :D Under $50!!

5. I forgot to mention a funny set of conversations where I gain super powers. My friend Scott has been harping on me ever since my favourite character died in FreakAngels. He's always saying, "Hey Fawn." And I'm all, Hey What's Up, and then he's all "Luke's dead!" Then he's all, "knock knock." Who's There? "Luke." Luke Who? "Luke is fucking dead!" Grrrrr! Anyway, this week's installment was the greatest! Because Luke's not dead!! YES!! On facebook, he made a post saying he owes someone an apology, then apologizes to Luke. Then I told him I hope it snows on him. Then it snowed. And his wife Meagan texted me and said Scott thinks I have powers :)
The end.

6. Ending on a sad note: This morning, I signed onto Twitter on a whim, and the first thing I see is Warren Ellis's post: "Frank Frazetta, artist who defined a genre, died today. http://bit.ly/9nioCD"
He was my first. The very first artist who ever opened my eyes to adult fantasy art (not like, racey adult, but you know, not Lisa Frank). I might still have that Heavy Metal Magazine. Also, I have a HM Mag that has some of his rarely seen HAPPY, sunshiney art in it. Also, I have a couple of Frank Frazetta titled magazines somewhere. Anyway, very sad news. Haven't gasped out loud like that in a long time. It was surprising to hear. He was 82, and died of a stroke :(


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May. 10th, 2010 11:04 pm (UTC)
Really?? You are the coolest guy in the whole world!
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