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Random Things Happening and Not Happening

I've finally been accepted into the Visual Communications Tech (tv and photo) program here at MCC. Now I have to fill out my financial aid stuff and I'll be worry-free about school til Fall rolls around. My classes include:
Introduction to Mass Media
Literature of Horror
Intermediate French I (French III)
College Chorus
History of Rock 'n Roll
Dance Composition (Ballet)

I found a new diner that serves garbage plates with veggie burgers and turkey burgers!! Probably the healthiest version of a garbage plate since Skippy's vegan "South Wedge Dumpster" plate back in the days where vegan restaurants thrived in this town. Too bad the Monroe Diner is only open til 8pm. But at least they keep World Link TV's music block playing on the tv :)
Damn the things that make me deviate from my well-fitting diet.

Comics I
I picked up my beloved comic book project again and thumbed 6 more pages (until I got stuck and had to search for my original script). Just having a little bit of trouble getting around this one key moment... seconds, really, and it's bugging me, because it needs to happen so it can happen again at the end. Like, the end, end. Like, final page of the whole comic, end. Anyway, I think it'll be an easy hurdle to jump over as soon as I can find that original script.

Comics II
Speaking of comics, big haul in the past couple of days. Warren Ellis's Red (to read before the film comes out in October), an old House of Secrets trade, FreakAngels volume 3 (still no damn sign of volume 4 dammit!), Warren's Desolation Jones, and a single issue of Sky Doll (Doll's Factory 2). I have Doll's Factory 1 and the two Space Ship issues on order. I think that's all the comics I got this month...

Started playing Silent Hill Origins again after almost a year of not touching it for reasons that can only be explained by my horrid grade point average mid-fall semester and I have become so disappointed in my brainless attempts to pick up where I last left off that I had to start over. Nobody watches a third of a movie, falls a...sleep and picks up where they left off ages later, do they? No, they start over. A lesson hard-learned by my lack of ability to control my character, fend off enemies, HEAL MYSELF, let alone being able to remember what the fuck I was doing 8 months ago. And now I am currently stuck in denial about my lost spirit for the Silent Hill franchise :\ Luckily, after many hours of playing on Charles's new big-ass HD tv, I am about where I left off last time, so maybe I'll get a little farther than before and actually finish the damn thing.

The end!