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You're So Easy to Read
I have finally been able to dedicate some time to reading this summer. I had a whole mess of books I wanted to plow through but I've only just begun now, and none which were on my list. I started reading the YA series Cirque du Freak which started out ho-hum, but then picked up. I've definitely fallen for Mr. Crepsley, the main vampire in the story, as well as the movie version, though they are quite different.

More on Vampire novels, my friend Meagan let me borrow Soulless and Changeless, a couple of steampunkish vampire novels by Gail Carriger. These aren't the only books she's let me borrow that I haven't found time to read (99 Coffins and 13 Bullets; vampire and warewolf books by David Wellington), but I think I'm on a reading kick-- and I'm certainly not on much of a writing kick (though I do intend to make a short update on my writing blog today)-- so I should have time the rest of the summer to catch up.

These are currently at the top of my list. What I really intended to read this summer were Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, as well as finishing up A Series of Unfortunate Events (I'll be on Book The Eighth when I pick those up again).

Under the Arches of Moonlight and Sky
I spent $50 on two tickets to see Emilie Autumn in Toronto! She is my favouritest singer in the whole world (next to Voltaire, of course) and I have been dying to see her live since I first heard her. I've also been informed that this will be her last North American tour where she will be performing songs from the Opheliac album and at the end of this fall tour, she will be retiring to finish writing and recording a new album. The End of an Era, she says. I feel lucky. Lucky, even though I didn't get awesome $75 VIP tickets to see a private performance of her classical violin solos, drink special, unreleased EA tea with her, and all that other amazing VIP jazz. It's 28 October. Might stay for Halloween. Definitely need to get my passport in the next few weeks.

Also in show news, I'll be seeing one of my best friends Brendan drum for his band Silent Auction at Water Street Music Hall. I love them. Almost got to go down to NYC (Long Island) with them as their booth bitch, but they couldn't get a van in time, so they had to take their tiny car, which meant no room for diello. So that's the most recent thing I have to look forward to. I think they're doing a Vertex and Record Archive show at some point, too.

And now!
I'm about to get caught doing this at work! See ya!