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This Month, In The World Of Fawndolyn

Goodness me! I do apologize for my long absence. I had nearly forgotten all about this, my most treasured blog, in the excitement and scatters of school starting. For my silence, I submit myself into total darkness. No. That will only hurt my eyes, staring into this screen in the dark. Allow me to shed luminescence upon my life with a string of lights encircling my ceiling. Yes. This will do nicely.

School began, and I was swarmed. The world spun too fast, and as I reside on the rim, I felt it all too well. School began, and I no longer had time to think about my art, my reading, my writing, or my sanity. There was no stopping it. Life had taken control. Not just any life. The grimmest of adult life where it is all work and no play. All responsibility and no fun. From nine o'clock in the morning, to eleven o'clock at night, I live and die on campus. From nine o'clock when Charles lets me off for classes, to eleven o'clock, fourteen hours later, when I stamp out from work, and head home, only to put my head to the pillow upon entering the boudoir. But I digress. I have already posted my schedule, so I will not delve further, though eventually, I would like to review what I think of my classes. Perhaps around midterms, I will do just that.

Costuming for the musical (have I mentioned the musical? I am costuming for Ragtime) is going as smoothly as it would for any first-time costumer given a director's position (and thus, I will earn 6 credits instead of the standard 3). I have taken all measurements, recorded them twice, and sent order forms off for costume rentals. Quite unfortunately, the costumes will be here one week from premier night. Hardly enough time to do proper fittings, in my opinion. If they do not live up to the quality paid for ($1700 total, with a $2000 budget), my crew and I will need to work double-overtime to sew up something fierce. I am glad I do not have to make everyone's costumes, though. Alterations, additions, accessories, and other extras, mostly. I am also on call to create a few props. A Houdini plane banner, a fire company flag, and some silhouettes, to which I look forward the most.

Work is going all right. My boss, Andy, is still the greatest boss on the planet, and I have some good co-workers. Scott, my filthy assistant, works with me on Tuesday nights. I work with Monica on Wednesdays, and a new girl who I shall not name, quite unfortunately works with me on Thursdays. This girl is far too perky and talkative to work the night shift. She is usually an opener, and being such, she had a far greater chance to win Student Consultant Of The Month, but won due to nepotism. I complain, but she is too pleasant to hate. She has only been working Thursday nights for a few weeks, but I am already on the brink of switching shifts with someone else. She wants to talk when I study, she wants to talk when I draw, she wants to talk when I write, she wants to talk when I am just trying to leave to the washroom! Thankfully, Andy can read my writhing face like a book, and takes me out with him on A/V calls for most of the night. I do not complain. Speaking of doing more A/V calls, Andy has mentioned me and a promotion again, so Wednesday nights, I will be "sweeping" the school to make sure all the equipment works properly. And to add a bit of tranquility to my workload, I have applied to fill my remaining available hours in the music department. Doctor Fisher has locked me in the deep recesses of the sheet music file room to serve my hours, and I must say, after my first hour working today, I loved it and wished for it to never end. So quiet, so relaxing, so very perfect.

I try to find time to relax these days. I have had two meltdowns in the past week. Because I never get stressed, I never recognize it when it happens to me, and thus, I never know what to do except to melt down and cry. It is killing my grades, but I think I can recuperate. I have recently replaced my lost Lovecraft collection and so I have been reading a story or two a week. This works well to relax me, and I must mention, I had never before read The Music of Erich Zann, but upon doing so a few weeks back, my heart has been won and it has become my favourite Lovecraft tale. Expect a jewelry piece based on it in the near future.

Speaking of jewelry, I will begin making jewelry again in the near future. I already have plans for various Lovecraft-inspired pieces, as well as a limited edition, small quantity of necklaces entitled Friends of the Ood (low quality preview here), based on the new Doctor Who series.

And now, I must read more (tonight, my attention goes to Henry James). And after, work on those prop designs. And even later than that, and this may serve as a reminder to you writers, prepare for National Novel Writing Month.

News pending for my Halloween plans.