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Yeah, I didn't anticipate what little time I'd have to even pick up a book, let alone look for my favourite bits from a different book every day. Not during the end-days of the semester. I hope I'll be able to pick up again, maybe as a N-Y-Resolution.

Today's excerpt comes from one of my least favourite books (it wasn't bad, I just can't stand the text-talk). It reminded me of when I used to play Sardines. Maybe one day I'll play it again :)


"We used to come up here, I said. We played sardines in the closet. You got to hide, and then everyone looks for you, and when they find you, they hide with you. This was this meg good place because only Link's best friends, we were the only ones that knew about it. We would be up here, all together, and people who weren't his good friends, they'd be walking around downstairs, and we could hear them, and we'd be laughing our asses off."

Feed, by M.T. Anderson


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Dec. 26th, 2010 05:14 am (UTC)
Feed was a good book... Confusing... but good. Sad ending though.
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