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The New Year (tm)

1/1/11. By the logic of this universe, I should be prepared to update this at 1:11 or 11:11, but then I might stop time. I should hope I could ever stop time, if only for an hour (but if it was only an hour, I'd hardly notice anyway. We should get together and set up a good time for both of us).

The end of my year wasn't too bad, and this fact has masked any horrible bits from earlier in the year. I haven't done much, I'm sad to say. I've said goodbye to some cherished people, said hello to some new ones, been involved in things, failed, passed, given up, and tried harder with mixed results, been on grand adventures, created some cool shit, and still haven't found what I want in myself (will I ever be one of those people who have a big part of them made by their own self and not made up of others? All signs, so far, point to no. No, diello, you are cursed to create many things, but never yourself).

Of course I have Resolutions(tm). Who doesn't? Stand up, out with it. Who? That's what I thought. I composed my Resolutions(tm) of the usual suspects. Productivity. Diet. Not fucking around in school. Keeping promises. Putting on deodorant. What else has there ever been?
1. Keep at least one Resolution(tm).
2. Put on deodorant.
3. Write to my pen-pals.
4. Write at least a page every day of pure story (Typed, it should be one page. Hand-written, it should be one page, regardless of the paper size, but preferably front-and-back).
5. Read, for fuck's sake, read something for fun.
6. Do a detox (cut out the easiest first- sugar. Then meat, then dairy, then gluten, and then slowly start introducing some things back into the mix- keeping good tabs on the body's reactions to each).
7. Stick to the no-sugar bit. And try really hard about that no-gluten thing, too (that's the diet Res).
8. Make more things.
9. Update my website.
10. Continue my 1001 in 101 list.

I have a winter-break reading list (unrealistic, considering the time restraints with other projects in the mix, but I have to Shoot For The Moon(tm) if I want to get anywhere at all). Some authors escape me, so it's just titles now.
The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls
American Gods
Good Omens
Cirque du Freak
The Girl Who... (Millennium series)

Xmess was the best yet, even though I've still spent most of it alone. The Family(tm) Xmess eve party was nice. People actually listened to me when I tried to talk. I almost didn't know what to do, so I just took another swig of booze and let my lips go, not caring if I screwed up or said anything stupid. The morning was pretty quiet. I missed most of the opening of the gifts I gave, so I couldn't gauge reactions or anything. I was really waiting for my dad to open his presents, but he didn't seem to care about them either way (which I suppose was a better reaction than last year when he said it was a good gift to pawn or just plain forget). It was strange. It was the first time I didn't have to fake a gluten-attack and go upstairs so I could cry myself to sleep until it came time for me to go home. And every gift I got this year seemed to be spot on. I even got a gift card! That's always the top of my wish list, and is usually the most ignored wish. But I also got a Nook (e-reader) and a tablet for my Wii :)

I made some new jewelry. Go check 'em out. They're on my site.

Still working on some comic book projects. Namely imjh and The Girl Who Thought Too Much (a team project with my friend Mike). Hopefully, by the year's end, I'll have a home for my Sunshine and Sweet Potato comics (I've got about 30 of those, but I have no time to clean them up).

I'm hoping to donate some of my work to a charity donation called Keeping Hope Strong (this will be the 4th annual event) which is run by my friends Scott and Dusty (their son was a 'resident' of the Galisano Children's Hospital at Strong for a good portion of his infancy and toddlerhood). I go every year. It's a blast. More info on that later.

Got in my grades and my new schedule, with poor results. Mass Media and Horror Lit were B+. Chorus was a C (C!! I gave everything to that class! I will have words with Doctor Fisher, mark me. I must know why the bloody hell I deserved a flippin' C). A D- in French (expected, and I probably explained this earlier, about dropping it briefly, so...). And an F in History of Rock and Roll... because for some reason, when I dropped the class, it never went through and registered that I dropped it. Hell to pay. My GPA really took a dive with this one. Not a good start to a fresh start on a new major, I say. Let's hope the spring will bring new life.

I would have taken French III again, but only I and II are being offered this Spring. So my schedule is as follows...
Mondays Wednesdays Fridays:
9am- Oral Interpretation
1pm- Chorus (yes, again)
2pm- Media and Society (just Mondays and Wednesdays)
Tuesdays and Thursdays:
11am- Modern Russian History
1pm- Computer Generated Images (just Thursdays)

We're moving! We are looking for places in the Monroe/East End/Park/South Wedge areas. Any suggestions would be awesome. 2-bedroom, including, decent area.

What else...
A few new user-icons. Also, the very last thing I wrote in 2010 here: diellowrites. And, Oh Yes(tm). I'm turning 30 this year.


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Jan. 1st, 2011 04:35 pm (UTC)
Love the current music.

I'm making resolutions too...

lol @ your dad's reaction to gifts!

Happy New Year ♥
Jan. 2nd, 2011 06:37 am (UTC)
(also, yay! Holly Wood icon!)
Happy New Year :)
(Deleted comment)
Jan. 6th, 2011 02:34 am (UTC)
We were looking at a couple places on Granger! We looked at 4 Granger, but were moments too late. And we jotted down the phone number to contact to look at 10 Granger.
Saw a place on Strathallan, but it was not as advertised.
Next stop, Milburn off Park.
Know any nice places?
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