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Adventure/Picnic Photos!

As promised, here are a few selections of my adventures from over the past few weeks (plus photos of the Steampunk Picnic). My Winnie friends Josh and Yield came down from Ontario this weekend, so they came to kidnap me and take me back to our old haunt. I'll start the set off with the last time I ran into them, up in Toronto. Then fast forward to last night. Then back up to yesterday afternoon at a picnic in Mt. Hope Cemetery. Also, if you want to see all the photos, check the albums on my Facebook.

(adventure-mate "Curious George")

(adventure-mate "Yield")
(from a few weeks ago, just outside Toronto)

We found a rave tunnel. No better place to spend the Rapture.

From the left: Brendan "Om36a", Casey "Spinach", Donna, Josh "Curious George", Brittany "Yield"

Then we went to Vertex where this happened. I don't know why Brendan decided to strip down, and we don't question his motives anymore ;)
(Where we explore a place we explored last summer, but now with more tunnels!)

We had a lot of people coming in from Buffalo this year :)

Baron von Burke (Douglass) and Tiffani

(yes, the adorable little princess is carrying a pistol)

Princess Mary entertains us with a song

Princess Mary enjoys her victory cupcake

Is it a fountain dance?

Nope. He's catching something.

From the left: Bushy, Red-Headed Charles, Jeremy, Tiffani, Christine, Isaiah, (didn't catch his name), Me; and the front: Douglass and Mary
(where we gather by the fountain and eat, drink, and be Steampunk)


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(Deleted comment)
May. 25th, 2011 06:15 pm (UTC)
Dude, you wanna go sometime? I'll let you know wheny next adventure will be, but they're usually same-day or last minute notifications. The tunnels here are at the Iola center near the Seiman building in Henrietta. The subway is less exciting but easier to get into.
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