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Year's End 2011

About time for the year to wrap up. With the exception of one year in particular, I usually look at the year behind as 'okay'. This year's about the same, but I think it went out pretty nicely there at the end. I switched majors (could not be happier about that), I joined a gym, and I am finally getting my teeth fixed. I am fairly content where I am right now in the scheme of things (as ever-changing as they are), though Charles and I are finally looking for our own house now. Not looking forward to another winter move, but it will be worth it. Dinner for everyone who helps, just like last year, of course.

I kept most of my resolutions from last year. I've yet to compile a list of resolutions for the coming year, but I know it will include the first two from every year, as well as #3: keep better tabs on my going-ons throughout the year (without chiefly using facebook status updates).

And now, I give you my year's end post:

Where I am now:
It took me quite a long time to finally bite the bullet and give in to art. I switched my major for the Fall, giving me a fresh new start. I made an immediate rapport with my art teacher (who I had for all three art classes I've taken so far) and we began exchanging comic books and movies and things throughout the whole semester. I produced a little bit of crap, but mostly, everything I did felt so freeing, and wonderful. I love just about all the things I've produced (pictures soon). I have A's in all my classes (except fine art theory, the only class I hated, in which I got a B).

At the beginning of the semester, I joined Andy at the Student Technology Help Desk in the Library. I love it there. I like having that little extra kick in helping the students. There's no pay raise, but I still think of it as an upgrade from the ELC, though I will miss my co-workers there. Yes, after three years of working at the ELC, I'm moving on, and giving all my available hours to Andy at the Help Desk. It's difficult to say goodbye to my beloved co-workers, but really easy to say goodbye to the one who gives me hell all the time (at the time I wrote this, this was true- since then, it was decided I'd give my remaining free 3 hours a week back to the ELC, the bastards).

Honey in my Gears is finally starting to take off. I finally found something people love (and have sold more than ten of them so far). I sold my last Friends of the Ood (Doctor Who) pendant this week, and will be making more in the new year. I have merchandise in a shop in Seattle, Washington, called BedlamBedlam, and my jewelries have made me almost $400 this year alone.

And in the past year... (The following recaps are to the best of my memory. I may have seen/read/done more, but I may have also forgotten some...)

Shows I've seen:
Aside from almost seeing Emilie Autumn in Toronto (skipping classes to do so, for a show that was already moved once, then cancelled again),I saw Voltaire twice this year; once at Diablo in Buffalo, in a venue too small to hold him since his last performance there in 2005. It didn't help the crowds with Rasputina there, too. My last time seeing them was also in Buffalo, but at a different place. I saw him again at The Haunt in Ithaca, with two amazing bands (Hellblinki, and This Way to the Egress). I also saw Bella Morte at the same Ithaca location less than a week later, with mooncalfe. Those shows are always fun.

Movies I've seen:
I saw a lot of movies, old, new, and new-to-me, at Lux Lounge, free (with free popcorn too!). Every Wednesday over the summer, they put up the screen in their back yard and show a fun film. There I saw Meet the Feebles, which I never saw before, as old as it is- I loved it, but Charles was feeling a little green around the gills; Strange Powers (a documentary on Stephin Merritt, one of my favourite singers- of the bands Magnetic Fields, Gothic Archies, and Future Bible Heroes), which I'd actually seen when it premiered at the Dryden theater; Man on Wire, another gripping documentary about a French tight-rope walker, who walked along a wire between the Twin Towers, before they'd even been finished; Pecker a movie I'd never heard of, regardless of my sister's frequent Furlong-a-thons. Very good movie :)
Movies I saw outside Lux: X-Men First Class, Harry Potter VII-Part2, Sucker Punch, Limitless, Win Win, The Help (which I saw as a double date with my friend Vino and his new girlfriend), and Midnight in Paris (which I really, loved, despite it being a Woody Allen film).

Books I've Read:
First of all, my beloved Friday comic FreakAngels finished up. I cried a little when it reached its last week, but it was the week BEFORE the last that had me bawling. That was the big goodbye that ripped out my heart.
As for other comics, I caught up on some of mooncalfe's comics (both his own, like Wet Moon and Shadoweyes, and ones he let me borrow, like the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics!); I translated two French comics (Clues 1 and Clues 2) by one of my favourite artists Mara; and borrowed Lost Girls from my art professor Franzie.
I started to translate La Mécanique du Coeur, by Mathias Malzieu, as well as his newest novel Métamorphose en Bord de Ciel, but was distracted by schoolwork. I started on the easier task of reading Chuck Palahniuk's new book Damned, but then was struck with a new distraction called THE HUNGER GAMES!!! I just finished the third and final book in the series tonight. I've just seen the film lineup, and am not TOTALLY disappointed... yet.
EDIT: Just got a book in the mail, written by my first boyfriend, about his difficult relationship with his alcoholic girlfriend (who he dated after me). I plowed through it and loved every minute (except the belly-button page- GROSS), but I also felt very sad for most of the book, too, making me wish the NOW me (slightly stronger, slightly wiser, and significantly less alcohol-induced) could go back and replace THEN me (girly, stupid, and drinking whenever I went out- hardly to the extent this other girl was at) and maybe, I don't know, help out or be there better or something. Anyway, it's a good book, a NOT A CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE BOOK involving Ant-Warriors, called Love Is Not Constantly Wondering If You Are Making The Biggest Mistake Of Your Life.
Now starting on The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God and other stories (starting with the story 'Kneller's Happy Campers', the tale that gave us the awesome film Wristcutters).

Other Things:
Toronto. Not as much as I'd like, but still very important to me, being my most treasured city. I attended a mini UER meetup and adventured in a city far from my own, I attended TCAF, and I ran into the real Scott Pilgrim and friends at my favourite midnight TO haunt Sneaky Dee's.
I joined the Rochester Rufflebutts- the local Lolita fashion crowd, and have attended garden walks, mini-golfing, tea parties, and cupcake gatherings, but now I'm running out of outfits.
Over the summer, I dyed my hair white, I went camping with my friend Kevin, I almost lost a couple of friends in Japan's tsunami, and Charles's dog Toby was put down.
In the fall, Charles's dad had heart surgery, I was a movie extra in a film starring Charles's brother Jeff, I went to Vermont to the Center for Cartoon Studies with mooncalfe, and I finalized five pages of my pet comic book project.

This month, I've attended a couple parties, framed some art, celebrated the holidays with my best friends, and got a dreamwidth account, for just in case LiveJournal takes a dive in the near future... (and as I end this post, I realize the only person I've tagged is Ross, who may possibly be the only friend I have left on LJ who I hang out with on a somewhat regular basis).

Is that all?


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Dec. 27th, 2011 03:49 pm (UTC)
Wow, this sounds like a really productive, fun year to me!

Congrats on taking the leap and changing your major. You seem really happy about the decision!

I ask to hear more about the Rochester Rufflebutts plz.

I think I'll do one of my own re-caps here soon, I bet it helps line things up and give me some perspective before I make new resolutions for 2012.

Happy New Year!
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