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I wanted to do a real update for a while now, but honestly, I've been kinda busy. I had to take a day off from drawing after I worked on a pretty big piece (not actually big, just more details than I've ever done) and it wiped me out (I also had a deadline on it, so I was working extra hard). I will post it after the rest of this entry.

In fact, ALL the photos I'll post will be at the end of this entry.

So here's my mid-month to mid-month recap:


I went to Convergence (alt.goth convention) in Buffalo, on the last day (Sunday, the 17th) to see Voltaire hold a panel, and later perform. Charles and I were late for the panel, but so was everybody (we were the second or third to arrive), so we didn't miss much. The panel included Voltaire telling awesome stories that seemed to all end with him winding up in New Jersey, Voltaire questioning the difference between Buffalo wings and Chicken wings from Buffalo (newsflash: what your city calls Buffalo wings are a sad imitation of the real thing), and then the organizers and select audience members discussing what went wrong in creating this year's Convergence, during which I spent wishing Voltaire would tell more stories, or speak up (he seemed as interested in that part as I was, and kept pretty quiet about the whole thing). Then we went to The Vault to see him perform (between the panel and the Vault, Charles and I went to grab some food, and generally hung around town for a while). The Vault was SWELTERING HOT, so much that Voltaire was actually wearing a tshirt and shorts, and I was thoroughly regretting wearing my velvet Chinese-style dress - the same thing I wore last time I saw him - how embarassing. Voltaire said, "I was wearing the same outfit, too. Don't sweat the petty stuff, and don't pet the sweaty stuff, as George Carlin says."
This night also involved me drinking a lot of rum, getting skull-fucked by Voltaire, sitting at the ticket table checking badges, and Voltaire undressing (from his shirt/shorts to his stage garb) right in front of me. Almost toppled over in my chair *v*
(see extremely grainy phone photo of me+V below)

Later that same week, I attended my first Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School session (the second Rochester event, I wouldn't have otherwise known about if I hadn't seen a flier for it on my way to the yard sale of another girl named Fawn). I had a pretty good time. The theme for this event was Nicktoons, and featured models dressed as characters from Dough, Hey Arnold, and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters! They served "slime" jello shots, pizza, and offered beer, and we drew short poses, as well as longer "challenge" poses (like opposite-handed, and paired drawings), which were judged for prizes, all while rocking out to classics/remixed music from the best Nickelodeon shows.
(see my drawings from the first model below)

Next day, Charles, Jeff, and I went to the baseball game, where I ran into one of my co-workers and his awesome wife (saw a Happy Birthday to his mom wish left by them on the giant advert screen, which tipped me off they were somewhere in the crowd). I indulged in a $7 beer, and a cheap garbage plate.
(beware the duckface below)

NEXT day, saw Silent Auction open for Freezepop. It was a mix of awkward and awesome. Saw a bunch of friends there, but not the ones I expected to see there. One friend from school, and another from downstate, with a bunch of his friends. Before I go on, I have to point out these facts: Silent Auction are Jason, Terry, and Brendan. Brendan is one of my best friends. He's the drummer. The other two are the married/singers/music-makers (this is an electronic band). They are pretty good, but haven't toured in a while. Now, moving on. The band had been bickering against Brendan for a long time. They are going through some personal shit that's been taking a massive toll on their collective attitude. This affected the outcome of their show - the sound was bad, and they were generally off their game (more on this set of drama at a later date, when certain 'public announcements' have been made public - oh I just double checked. They announced it - they fired Brendan). To top that off, Brendan's psycho ex showed up and sat at a table, giving the major stink-eye to Brendan's current girlfriend Casey, who was stationed at the merch booth. This girl really has become a psycho. There are many stories I won't divulge, but I assure you, she's nuts. So I hung out at the booth with Casey, kinda afraid to leave her alone, til the band showed up.
But Freezepop were fantastic!
(see club photographer's photo of me, friend, and Charles below)


Last weekend, I went to a bonfire held by the person in the last photo (who is also named Brendan, but is not Drummer Brendan). I wasn't sure if I'd have fun, but I went anyway and had a blast :) Not too much to say about it, though. It involved lots of delicious meat, fire, a kukri, a harpoon, and lots of ADHD geeks :)
(see picture of me and Monica at the party)

Other things (part one: quick events):

Attended Piyo (pilates yoga mix) with Monica, and hated every minute of it, holy crap. Sticking with standard exercise and maybe yoga.

Met with a photographer for coffee and discussed photography and other such things, and requested that I do a session of headshots with him. I agreed, but only after I dye my hair pink later this month.

Spent 4th of July at Lux, playing with a turtle, chillin' with old friends and new friends, and watching the fireworks from their very uncrowded private back yard before watching Team America with delicious free popcorn.

Posted an article on facebook about How to Make a Rape Joke that went all out crazy in the comments (the link is to my facebook post, which has a link to the article). This also led to various people involved in the comments posting their own threads on facebook, and having THOSE threads unfold into their own messes. I cannot apologize for posting it, but I do apologize for the mess :(

Made a bunch of buttons for a bunch of people - Ross Campbell, for fun and new art; Aaron Alexovich, for fun; Kelly Thompson, for her new novel, and making her kickstarter goal; and Mara (Margaux) Kindhauser, for her birthday.
(see crappy phone photo set of buttons below)

Other Things (part two: money edition):

Donated to two kickstarters. One is to publish a translated, full-colour edition of Osamu Tezuka's Unico (as well as Atomcat and Triton of the Sea. The other is to publish my twitter friend Kelly Thompson's first novel The Girl Who Would Be King (this is what the buttons I made for her are for).

I bought a lovely chocolate dress which will hopefully arrive by month's end.

I bought a little Gromble action figure (which came with uncut Fleer Ultra Mtv Oddities cards, featuring The Head, The Maxx, Beavis and Butthead, and The Brothers Grunt!). I've recently been obsessed with the 90s Nickelodeon show Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, and have been watching the whole series on Netflix, making RM art, and bought a bunch of old Fleer Ultra trading cards of the show, too. The Gromble's my favourite character from the show, so I was trying to track down a Gromble plush (I currently only have a Krumm plush), but with no luck, so I'm going to end up making one.
(check the picture of my little Gromble below)

Me & Voltaire sweating at Convergence

One of my Dr. Sketchy sketches

One cute couple. One duckface.

Sweaty girl, and two cool kids (charles is holding the instrument that Freezepop got their start on)

Still forgetting I have a full set of teeth and I can actually smile now

Buttons for Ross, Aaron, Kelly, and Mara

My new boyfriend, The Gromble

And lastly, the most recent pieces I've drawn (the first two are re-scans):

And now, I'm off to get ready for the pride parade, go to a summer party, make treats for a lolita house warming party, attend a goth garage sale meetup, and draw a commission (Rocko's Modern Life and Angry Beavers) :)