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2012 Summary

Filled 2012 with making a lot of art (almost none mentioned in this post), listening to a lot of new music, watching a lot of cool movies, and going out with friends a lot. Skip to the end for my resolutions.
I was going to include more photos, plus links, but I'm only going to include one photo per month, and very few links.

My year started with Banjo, my black moor, dying. From there, I attended a party at Meagan's house, where I had to quickly sober up due to one of Charle's students calling me to tell me he's homeless. I promptly gave him Charle's number, and we got guilt into letting him sleep on our couch, where he proceeded to keep us up all night with his chatter, noise, and constant rebooting of my computer. Calls from him and various people of his dubious family kept rolling in for weeks after we dumped him in Newark. This will forever be known as That Weird Kid Incident.
Later in the month, there was an internet strike against SOPA, where I put up a code to black out my and Ross's webpages for the day. I also took pictures of Ross at work in his studio, which were used in promos for Image Comics's line of reboot promo IDs, as well as 'pictures of the artist' in Glory #23 and the TPB.
My ball-joint doll Lydia arrived.
And I saw Crispin Glover perform his Big Slide Show (with new slides) and premier his second film It Is Fine! in Buffalo.

I started attending trivia night at the Old Toad with Brendan and Casey (where I also saw Sisters of Murphy perform later in the month). I re-discovered the band Weep, with the teaser songs from their latest album. I played an extra in a film starring Jeff (with the working title Sarah's Room, but I don't know the actual title). I bought an iPhone, a shark in a jar, and almost bought Kraftwerk tickets (Casey and I waited in virtual line for hours before we got shot down). Davy Jones (my favourite Monkee) died. I scanned through a website for a whole weekend searching for friends' artwork, which was the biggest internet art scam ever. I made a necklace based on the Hunger Games, that almost no one bought. And I met one of my closest friends Joanna at a Lolita Valentine's day meetup at Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe.

Biggest news of March was when Voltaire, my personal hero and favourite singer, commissioned me to make him 400 buttons! I spent all weekend on them, and sent them off in a cool box, which he loved. I also made him extra Deady buttons on the house. Later, unbeknownst to me (due to not being able to watch his videos for a long time), he pointed out that he named me Human of the Month in his March video nooseletter! What a sweetheart!
For St. Patty's Day, I saw Sisters of Murphy at Shamrock Jack's, where I met up with my co-worker Sean and his wife Renee, and good times and good drinking were had by all. Next day, I joined my mother for green sushi at California Rollin'.
I went on a midnight adventure with Brendan and Casey, trudging through Mt. Hope Cemetery for hours, getting lost, and smoking on Margaret Woodbury Strong's grave. Next day, I wrote a paper on Margaret Woodbury Strong and her dolls while sitting at the Strong National Museum of Play. Then went to the annual Keeping Hope Strong fundraiser for Strong's Gollisano Children's Hospital. Lots of Strong going on there.
I bought Zombies, Run! which is the best app in the world, and have grown to love running because of it. I bought a ukulele. I bought many beers from Beers of the World with the intention of doing a review series (which I gave up on after the 4th or 5th review). I missed Dionysos in Long Island because the train tickets were too expensive, plus it was a weekday. I discovered penguin cam. And Jeff's movie Literally Figurative finished filming at Starry Night Cafe.

A short month. I bought Bird'n'Roll, Dionysos's latest album, which is splendid, despite the lack of Olivia Ruiz. I attended a Monster High birthday party for my Lolita friend Renee, where I dressed as Abby Bominable. I found the Masters of Horror series on Netflix and marathoned the whole of season 1. Watched Imprint with Ross, and found all the reasons why it was never aired. Attended Tora-Con, where I attempted to have a BJD gathering and met some cool BJD people from Den of Angels (want to try again this year, with a panel, but not sure if I'll have the time). I experienced ebay trauma, where they pulled all my sales, and I had half a dozen cases opened against me between ebay and paypal. Shipped everything the day before this all went down, plus had to front pricey-as-hell international shipping (and am too afraid to try again).
And I finished getting my teeth fixed! Still trying to track down all the pictures from my dentist, who moved away, but am still confident she'll pull through, so I can do a really big post about it.

Rang in May by celebrating the Old Toad's birthday. Sat next to their first customer. And got free cake and champagne. Came home to find my bike had been stolen off the porch. Reported it to the Useless-Police and promptly bought a new one. Got stuck in a car wash on the hottest day of the month. Dusted off the old bread maker and made 3 successful loafs of bread, and four failures. Made some pretty floral buttons that will end you, at the request of Richard, and some other friends. Had a fantastic adventure to the basement of the American Laundry factory, where Casey nearly broke her leg, and I wore waders for the first time due to flooding. Then went to explore the Seth Green Park cave.
And finally got a new neighbour/landlord, who sledge-hammered out his ceiling, which caused dust to come up through our vents and fill the apartment.

Busiest month! But I'll try to narrow it down. Started with a skin crisis, and later in the month discovered the culprit to be an allergic reaction to mango skin! Ray Bradbury died. I spent an entire day with Ross. "Watched" Euro2012 via Warren Ellis's hilarious tweets. Experienced a fierce depression. Met another Fawn, who ran a yard sale and sold me several fantastic books and a cool tote. Went to one baseball game, where I ran into Sean and his wife (knew they were there by a birthday message written on the big video billboard). Attended my first Dr. Sketchy's, which was Nicktoons themed! I bought a dress that was beautiful on the website, but showed up in the wrong color/size, which I later found out was because the place I bought it (What a Beautiful Life) was actually a front for the rip-off replica shop Milanoo. Sadly, there's very little I could do about it (and am now in the process of trying to alter it). And I bought a lot of Copic markers, which I still love to this day.
Went to Convergence 18 in Buffalo and showed up to Voltaire's panel late (yet was still only the second person there). Later, I saw him perform at The Vault, where we all were sweating our balls off, and Voltaire stripped in front of me before skull-fucking the back of my head while I helped man the ticket table.
I saw Silent Auction open for Freezepop/Lifestyle at The Club At Water Street. Freezepop were amazing, but Silent Auction were lacking. This was also Brendan's final performance as SA's drummer.
I backed three Kickstarter campaigns: Osamu Tezuka's Unico will be published in English/Colour this coming February. Kristen Bauer (Pam from True Blood) made a documentary about elephant poaching, called Out of Africa, and she tweeted me at least twice since! And Ross's friend Kelly Thompson published her first novel called The Girl Who Would Be King, which I also donated promo buttons for. My swag package was amazing!
Oh, and I also found the single greatest conversation-starter: Would you have sex with a dead person for five seconds if it meant free laundry for the rest of your life?

I spent the 4th of July at Lux, alone, sitting next to a guy who brought his pet turtle, and watching Team America. The yard was barely full, and those who were here had a great view of the downtown fireworks.
I tried PiYo (pilates-yoga) for the first time with Monica at the gym, which I will never do again, holy shit. That is some intense fucking shit. Wow. I attended my friend Katie's housewarming party (she'd just moved here from Ithaca), and she sold me a cute dress from Bodyline. I talked about How to Tell A Rape Joke on my facebook, which turned into a crazy shitstorm among several friends' facebook walls. I cosplayed Bloodshadow/Nanaja from Ross's and Joe Keatinge's comic book Glory. I watched a cool documentary called Undercity, which was suggested to me by my friend Ron, who I met during a Literally Figurative shoot last year. I saw Y: Last Man Rising, a Y: The Last Man fan movie (short), based on the first issue, of which I want to see more. I saw two episodes + specials of the BluRay release of Star Trek Next Generation at Regal Cinema.
I saw Meatloaf at CMAC with my mom, aunt, and sister. We started in the 50th row, but my mom knew one of the security guards, so we got bumped up to row 10! And by the time the encore came around, we were up front and personal, butted up as close to the stage as possible! That was my aunt's first time up close at a show :)
And Charles got arrested for no good reason.

Went to the family reunion with one of my big fondant cakes, which went almost entirely uneaten, and I vowed never to make a cake for the reunion again. Went to the rennaissance festival the next weekend. Saw Sisters of Murphy at Sticky Lips. Saw Caravan of Thieves at Lovin' Cup with Renee. Alex CF released a limited edition box set which included a print, a comic book, a tshirt, and a statue, all of which are Lovecraft, and made by him. And Ginger and Vino pitched in and got it for me, for no reason other than I wanted it. Great guys, them. I painted pottery for the first time at Color Me Mine with some lolita friends Joanna, Adrienne, and Letashia. I drew a copic commission of Rocko's Modern Life. A little girl marveled at my white hair. My little sister, a pioneer of top-free New York, was discriminated against at SeaBreeze for being top-free for all of 2 minutes while she changed from her bikini to a dress (women being top-free in a place where men are allowed to be top-free is legal in NYS).
And lastly, I had yard sale, where I made just enough money to buy my ticket to see Dead Can Dance in Philadelphia, with Brendan, Casey, and Troy. We started our adventure in Centralia - the real life Silent Hill. Camped out and explored. Explored Philadelphia. Got assaulted by a little old lady in a wheel chair. Drank Creme Brulee stout (Southern Tier) for the first time, and explored around The Stacks - the abandoned Steel Mill in Bethlehem, before finally heading home.

We got turned around at the border, trying to go to Canada, due to Charles's pending charges against him. Instead, we went to the state fair, where I saw a real live "freak" (the world's shortest woman, just under 2-feet tall), who was really nice to talk to. I missed out on seeing Metric, due to the tickets being too expensive. Saw Sisters of Murphy at Lovin' Cup with Kendig, who was in town on temporary leave from the army. Saw Hanna, which my friend Victoria bought for me. Saw Griff The Invisible which was one of the cutest movies I've ever seen. Saw Fox News show a guy kill himself on live TV, after a long police chase. Saw (but did not interact with) my evil ex, who I had not seen since the year he maliciously dumped me. Saw my Buffalo friends May(hem) and Drew get married.
And I went to SPX with Ross and Nick, where I met many fun artists, and snored, and was invited to podcast with them for the SPX-Men Crossover podcast.

Forgot to watch Suit-vs-Suit (the primaries) and was dismayed by the fact that no one mentioned the guy with the boot on his head who wanted everyone to have free ponies. Bobby's World was not as good as I remembered. Dr. Sketchy had a David Lynch theme, which I provided music (and the Diane tapes) for, and won two contests. Had two birthday parties, one great one with my lolita friends, and one flop with my guy friends. Wrote a guest article about The Old Toad for a new segment of The Thirsty Wench called "Where Everybody Knows Your Name." Went through the art/school drawer from elementary school. Saw Perks of Being a Wallflower with my sister, who shared in equal delight of the book we read so many times as teenagers. Saw V/H/S with her too, after which, we watched a live Skype interview with the producer, and she got to ask him a question. Played Alice: The Madness Returns in one weekend, non-stop, and experienced gamer's thumb for the first time since I was 15. Went out during Hurricane Sandy's weather to take pictures of a tree which fell on a house down the street. And spent a week working on my Alice costume for Halloween, only to spend all of Halloween night finishing it (no, it's still not done). Charles went out, though - he wore a yellow haz-mat suit, aviator glasses, and a date-rape mustache, and went to Lux as the guy from Breaking Bad.

Submitted a page to the MCC Comics Anthology - theme: urban legends. I picked the Guinness Rats story. Helped out with Linda's garage sale, and scored a lot of sweet stuff. My advisor/history teacher invited me to participate in Scholar's Day, under the influence of my awesome research & reaction papers, but will promptly be disappointed when she finds out I want to do an installation rather than a research paper. I bought Emilie Autum's new album Fight Like A Girl which is by far my favourite of all her music. I worked as costume support for MCC's production of Cabaret.
I was turned away at the election booths, because they needed me in my district, instead of the district I signed up under - it was a long, hard battle to get there, and the tears froze to my face as I walked away in the cold November wind. I dubbed this The Year of The Vulva, but I can't remember why. It may have had something to do with the outcome of the election.
I read The Night Circus, and liked it, despite being predictable. I saw The Favour, The Watch, and the Very Big Fish which was really crazy and cool. I went to the MAG to research a painting for history class, and got Joanna, Julia, and Nate in free with a pass I had lying around the office. I had coffee with Katie and Amelia, and Amelia and I went back to my place to watch Devil's Carnival which was great, but short. I bought tickets to take Charles, my mom, and little sister to see the Nutcracker. Holy penis-envy. I attended a Steampunk Social at the Old Toad with Renee, but was a little bored for the most part. I told Voltaire about my StarWarGinity. He was far more unimpressed than my two teachers who actually wrote a book about Star Wars (one of which was on the History Channel's special, the other of which didn't talk to me for a week after telling him).
And Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, a show I discovered a couple years ago last time I was in Canada, finally hit Netflix USA. And all was right with the world. I still obsess about the show. Chris Leavins (who plays Atticus) is a damn awesome guy!

Attended the annual George Eastman lolita gathering, which was the biggest of the year, I think. I discovered the poet Simon Armitage, through a poem called Kid about Batman getting rid of Robin. There was 12:12 on 12/12/12 but no Black and White Ball at Vertex. I ate the hottest pepper in the world in the middle of an empty Cantonese restaurant, despite the warnings of the entire staff and Charles. Saw The Station Agent which was beautiful, and rekindled my crush on Peter Dinklage. I walked the abandoned subway at night with Brendan, Casey, Sue, Ed, Megan, other Casey, and Charles, after having dinner with "Inappropriate Man" (Brendan) for his birthday. I attempted to sell stuff at Holi-Daze at Spot Coffee with Sue, but made a whopping 50 cents when a couple of old people who thought buttons were gang symbols bought one for their grandkid after I explained that they're not. There was a one-man ambush on firefighters in Webster, leaving 2 firefighters injured and 2 dead. I celebrated x-mess with the family (received a red Kitchen Aid, a red 3-inn-1 breakfast station, some apocalypse/camping swag, and some other cool stuff). Saw the Devil's Carnival 2 teaser trailer, celebrated NYE with Joanna, Julia, Niki, Carl, Jacob, and Cory.
I also had two very important events in December.
1: I submitted my Lost Head of Ganesha sculpture to Rochester Contemporary Art Gallery's Member's Exhibit. I participated in "The Days the Artists Spoke" where each artist got to talk about their work.
2: I attempted to hold a fundraiser, which failed horribly. First, it was to raise money for Charles's family dog's surgery, but that was unwanted. So I switched it to a donation to the Mental Association of America. Only two locals showed interest, plus Westboro Batshit Hate Group made an appearance at the same time to protest the Firefighter funerals in Webster, so I canceled my event.
I still shaved my head, though. I had my sister and cousin come over, and they and Charles shaved my head.

1. Put on deodorant.
2. Keep at least one resolution.
3. Use Loseit.com and actually work at eating healthy
4. Get to the gym over winter
5. Download Zombies, Run II
6. Become YouTube famous
7. Grow out my hair
8. Keep my home clean
9. Follow my detailed weekly schedule (which includes drawing, writing, and reading times)
10. Post a month-by-month recap EVERY month on LJ, so I don't have to spend two whole days going through my facebook to find out what the hell I've done for the past year.
plus last year's.

Ending the year with a shaved head, clean laundry, and a list of shit to do.


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Jan. 2nd, 2013 04:22 pm (UTC)
What happened with Charles? Were the charges dropped or cleared?

And Westboro never showed up, thankfully. It was too cold even for their stone hearts.
Jan. 2nd, 2013 07:26 pm (UTC)
Charges were reduced to disorderly conduct with a 6 month seal on the record.
Hah! I heard they did touch base in Rochester, though. I knew they'd be snowed out ;D
Jan. 3rd, 2013 03:53 am (UTC)
From what I understand from the police, they didn't even make it here. Many of the hotels were booked with donation rooms for visiting firemen and news of the snow storm was national as well.

If they were smart they realized that being somewhere that over 5k service personnel were going to be was not the best idea. I still think it was the snow since I don't believe they are smart.

Glad things worked out for Charles!

Have a wonderful 2013!
Jan. 2nd, 2013 10:26 pm (UTC)
Post a month-by-month recap EVERY month on LJ,
-- I would love to read this! I'm not active enough on fb to get all that happens in your life, but I'm always here ...
Jan. 3rd, 2013 07:23 am (UTC)
Whoa!! What a crazy full year.

A buddy of mine from college is in Freezepop. It's funny because she was kinda reserved at the time, but her stage persona for the band is wild.

I think September was your best month ;)
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