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Summer of Fawn updates

Let's start off with saying what I did and didn't see.

Did see the episode of the Original Star Trek series "Space Seed" to prepare for seeing Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn (for the first time) in the theater (we have an archival theater here; being the home of Kodak, we ought to). I didn't know that Spock dies in this movie. And I motherfucking cried my eyes out. I'm tearing up just thinking back about it. My overall theater-going experience for seeing this was sub-par, mainly because most of the audience had already seen it and started laughing BEFORE funny moments - the classic-type nerds right behind me acted like they were about to see boobies as the "KAAAAAHHHHHHNNNN" moment drew near, giggling, and trying to hold in their giggles, about to explode! And then screaming with laughter when it happened. The rest of the audience couldn't stop laughing at the hokey'ness of how dated it is. Bitches just don't appreciate the classics. I kept whispering to Ch to ask if I'd missed something, but he assured me I hadn't and the people laughing were just being idiots.
There were a lot of old movies I'd seen for the first time in that theater, but I guess Star Trek is a class all its own as far as fan appreciation goes. Personally, I loved it. I had wildly adverse views on Kahn as a terribly written villain (for this film), having just seen Space Seed the night before. But that's diner talk.

I did not see the latest Star Trek movie yet. I will probably see it at the cheap cinema or the dollar theater. I don't know how I feel about Benedict Cumberbatch playing Kahn. I love the guy, but he just doesn't seem to fit the part in my mind.

I also did not see The Red Wedding episode of Game of Thrones. I just started season 2, so I'll get there.

I tuned in to an Australian radio show that was having a "hottest 100" countdown of music from the past 20 years, after having noticed my friend Jenny tweeting about pretty well every song. I joined in the tweets - not my best moment in twitter history, but it was fun! It was like my friend Jenny (who is in Australia, by the way) and I were having a road trip, listening to the same radio and chatting about each song! I tuned in around the top 20, which were mostly the best of my high school days. Fucking memories. I was introduced to a few good Australian bands, though :)

For fun stuff, I have been attempting to finish The Bookseller of Kabul, am working on translating the comic Clues (volume 3: Scars) from French to English, have made a couple of artstuff (a Human Centipede necklace, and some drawings), and at last, have finally started re-working my website! It's in disarray right now, but the pages I just finished are these:

And am most proud of...
Comics (with a bunch of full comic projects)!!!

Also, here are some sketches that I did this afternoon:



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Jun. 13th, 2013 04:16 pm (UTC)
I keep looking at your sketches, also from the last post, and can't stop finding them amazing. You know that a lot of people would not call them sketches but finished artwork?!
Jun. 13th, 2013 05:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you!!! *blush* :D
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