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Super supreme diet

Starting weight: 227
Month's end goal: 200-210
Summer's end goal: 190-200
Overall goal:160
Pipe dream: 130

My friend/co-worker Sean and I were in his office having a chat the other day and he said he is going low-carb for a month in order to drop 10lbs. I declared I would do it with him so neither of us would have to suffer that alone, and I need to drop some pounds for a wedding (and health, of course). We are meeting up tonight to talk about how to attack this plan (but we have begun already as of that day in the office).

My go-to gal for low-carb info is Emily, who takes in between 20 & 30 grams a day. Ideal is 50g. I thought I was counting total carbs, but today (2 agonizing days after start), I found out I'm supposed to be counting NET carbs!! This makes it so much easier!!!

She is giving me lots of tips. Expert level :)

And I got a stability ball and some weights (two10lbs). I am determined to have better arms and a more toned core. Hopefully Sean and Emily can help keep me motivated. Charles has been helpful too.

My overall energy/mood is cranky. I'm suffering major fatigue and headaches while my body says "what the fuck, where'd all the carbs go? You mean I gotta eat up all this FAT???? FUCK YOU!"

Edit: Her are pictures of 1: my hey-babies (the bits of arm that wave "hey baby" when you do too). And 2: my carb counter bracelet (with 48 beads, and 1 charm, which I move to count my carb intake - I also have the Atkins carb counter app, but this is cute).





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Jul. 1st, 2013 06:11 pm (UTC)
I'm also on a quest to drop some poundage this summer. my goals are pretty darn similar to yours. I wish you luck!!!! Although I already think you're hella sexies to beging with.
Jul. 1st, 2013 06:13 pm (UTC)
Re: duuuuude
YOU are the mad sexiest though!! Good luck to you too :D
Also, I shall send you that print you won soon!
Jul. 8th, 2013 10:00 pm (UTC)
Be careful with the low carb diet. It's not for everyone and once you start eating them again, you'll gain it all back in no time flat. And if you're feeling cranky, something's not right. If you're losing weight sensibly, you shouldn't feel hungry.

Try creating food log and eating sensibly. Cut out the white flour and sugar and processed foods. But don't entirely give up the things you love. Save them as occasional treats. Think of it more as a lifestyle change...something you can maintain for the long run, rather than a diet. Diets fail because they aren't maintainable.

I just know from YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS of yo-yoing and being really dramatic about it...

Weight Watchers was the best thing that ever happened to me. Honestly. It's not cheap but it really works.

Jul. 8th, 2013 10:18 pm (UTC)
I've already given up the Atkins-style low-carb'ing. After a nearly 2 weeks, I fluctuated from up two pounds and down two pounds, but mostly stayed at about 230 lbs and yes, I was so cranky! I was PMS cranky, according to my boyfriend; crying because I just wanted a huge helping of fruit... So that's it for that. Not worth the trouble of not getting the promised results. After I said 'fuck this til sparks shoot out,' and went to a party, I came back so much more happy than I'd been since I started the diet - and there wasn't a crash down after.

I did feel better cutting the gluten carbs out, though, since I'm gluten-intolerant (not full celiac, thank goodness), so I'm sticking with that part.

I was using the Atkins carb counter app as a food log, but I do like the loseit app better, and will start using it again, since I'll be counting calories again. The Atkins thing, I found out, can also be damaging to muscles if you like to work out. I like to jog and have just started lifting weights, so there's another tac for the fuck-that column.

Haha, sorry - I'm totally rambling. I hope you can follow me.

I was checking out Weight Watchers before I tried this! I do want to give it a shot. Did you go to the meetings, or did you do it totally online?
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