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Summer of Fawn plans so far

Happy to say I'm keeping my SoF resolution of going out to join in on stuff more often. On Monday, I went to see The Pickpockets (as well as a whole bunch of other amazing bands) perform at a little cafe called Pandaman. Tonight (and hopefully most Wednesdays this summer), I'll be going to Lux's free movie/popcorn night. Tonight's screening is "The American Astronaut".
Here's the rest of my SoF (so far):

5 - Brian's birthday, going to see "The Giant Claw" at the Dryden.
6 - Cult Classic Art Show at Pandaman
13 - Darien Lake with Chumble Spuzz
19 - Tea and Talk with the Rochester Steampunks at Java's
19 - and perhaps the Flag Raising for pride
20 - Pride Parade!!!

3 - Anibash (which I probably won't go to, but a few of my friends are going, and I might drop by)
4 - Family reunion. mrrrr
17 - OCHO - a big annual picnic hosted by my friend Ron at Mendon Ponds Park
17 - Cornhill Arts Festival
17 - Run For Your Lives zombie run
31 - Meag's going away to London party

Squeeze in there a reunion (or two) with the platonic love of my life / mentor Tony, more Wednesday night movies, more outings at cafes, and a craft-fest of making jewelries and other baubles for Voltaire's Wicked NecroComicCon, a Dr. Sketchy's, open mic nights, bar hoping... Oh, and hopefully some grand adventures!